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Poor cotton prices return to release what signal within 2000 - both inside and outside Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
In domestic cotton prices drop and under the dual role of rising international cotton prices, cotton prices inside and outside differential shrinking. Data according to the national cotton market monitoring system, November 28, inside and outside the cotton spot price is 1996 yuan/ton, down from October 17. 4%, the difference between futures disk is 2846 yuan/ton, fell 14%. Since mid-november as ICE prices higher, with the international spot prices continue to rise, according to the national cotton market data monitoring system, November 28 M index folding import prices for 13776 yuan/ton, from rose 2. 4%. Some traders believe prices narrowed also reduced the trade opportunities, however, some investors think the cotton price difference inside and outside a shrinkage expansion would be the best investment opportunity, using disk punt at home and abroad. A shrinking import yarn price difference at home and abroad, and in a stable state. FangQi said cotton inside and outside the lakers will help to enhance the competitiveness of domestic yarn price. It is understood that the price of imported yarn is stable, the yarn spreads in China and India and shrunk to less than 700 yuan/ton, a narrowing of nearly 100 yuan/ton, in October a lot outside yarn outside traders said the recent price is a little bit higher, clinch a deal the light a lot in October. But under the background of international supply greater than demand, domestic and international cotton prices will show what kind of trend, cotton prices will continue to increase both inside and outside market will become the focus.
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