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Planting area in xinjiang for three consecutive years of decline? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
Recently, some involving cotton agencies have issued its 2016 report intent planting area in xinjiang, xinjiang cotton area continue to fall this year, according to the report but fell less than last year. This is also since 2014, the xinjiang cotton planting area for three consecutive years of decline, why? , according to the relevant report in xinjiang cotton area of declining domestic cotton is the main reason the excess of supply and demand, prices are falling, cotton planting earnings have fallen sharply, can only rely on financial subsidies. Especially in March this year, the market prices continue to fall, farmers to reduce planting intentions. In addition, the national target price cut in xinjiang cotton, guides the planting structure adjustment, also has certain influence on planting intentions. Xinjiang cotton price target of 2016 18600 yuan/ton, lower than in 2015 500 yuan/ton, and the 2015 target price lower than in 2014 700 yuan/ton, price target for years cut to cotton farmers planting determined to shake. But the target price is still significantly higher than the market price after the way, this shows that the country still attaches great importance to the xinjiang cotton production work, also to some extent conducive to stable YiMian areas. In addition to the above reasons, whether how subsidies will also affect the cotton planting enthusiasm? 2014 xinjiang target price subsidies in accordance with the 'cotton production + area', and is divided into four times before all subsidies to honour to cotton farmers, not only significantly increase the workload of related departments, and delay the time of cotton farmers receive subsidies. It is reported that xinjiang autonomous region until 2015 in January and February cotton area was not released 2014 annual subsidy standards and sell subsidy standards. Cotton farmers think subsidies time through Christmas and the spring sowing period, two special is in urgent need of money, if money can timely payment, is urgently needed. Issued to cotton subsidies in the xinjiang autonomous region in 2015 process is optimized, not only improve the efficiency of distribution, and alleviate the cotton farmers farming preparation, the tight encounter when the loan funds. It is understood that in 2015 cotton subsidies is divided into two groups, the first batch of subsidies in early December was to honour to cotton farmers; By the end of March 2016, basic honour's second batch of cotton subsidies to farmers. Planting area in xinjiang this year fell less than in 2015, perhaps subsidies to speed up the progress in stable cotton planting intention to play a role.
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