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by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
Since mid-april period spot the difference from the 'premium' to 'premium' and amplitude is bigger and bigger, even if the downstream markets such as fabric, clothing perfunctory, zheng period index still record since May 2015, 13425). 。 Is counterpart of xinjiang in a few weeks before the spot transaction is cooling, some cotton textile factory, middlemen actively reduce the inquiry and purchase. Although henan, shandong, hebei, jiangsu and other places within the library 2128 b, 3128 b southern xinjiang local hand picked cotton has more than 13000 yuan/ton price, but the basic is no city has a price. Some cotton mills said, because the futures continue to rise, XinJiangMian quotation is chaotic, the same grade and quality of cotton price difference can reach 200 - 300 yuan/ton, 2128 c2 level ( The breaking strength more than 28 cn) , 2128 b2 ( The breaking strength of 28 cn and above) Effectively clinch a deal the price is in 12700 - 12800 yuan/ton, 12900 - 13000 yuan/ton, even higher than 13000 yuan/ton price, FangQi rarely bargain with them. Some small and medium-sized FangQi reflected on the mainland, since early April, the cotton rose by 600 - 800 yuan/ton, the conventional OE yarn, C21S - C40S and JC21S - JC40S yarn price also rose by 200 - 300 yuan/ton, high combed yarn, yarn with high stability, but the downstream recursive type cloth, fabric, clothing prices are under a lot of difficulties. Now spinning C21S, C32S, C40S, JC32S decline in profits have more than 2, in March, don't support the cotton prices continue upward violence. Jiangsu and zhejiang, guangdong, said some. ltd, garment factory and trading company orders before and after the row of single phase by the middle of may only, regardless of raw material prices rise, order and guarantee the quality, delivery on schedule. Some FangQi says zheng period rose sharply just money unruliness, terms of funding and technology, rose is not over. Cotton spot prices have risen to the downstream acceptable limit, along with the state reserve cotton round entered the countdown stage, in the short term period spot a departure from the trend will be more obvious.
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