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by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
Recently, some foreign, cotton import companies, said the 2020 1/2/3 in growing fears the smooth execution of the contract, the delayed 15 - some buyers have informed a sale 30 days of delivery. Inside and outside the industry analysis, it is since late January cotton price continued to narrow, cotton outside competitiveness decline significantly. The current port bonded M - 1 1/8 cotton, SM 1 - Brazil 5/32 west Africa cotton 1% tariff under the customs clearance cost 13200 - net 13400 yuan/ton, with the mainland 'double 28' pick up cotton in xinjiang machine weighs 13000 - 13200 yuan/ton price basically unchanged; Traders and port Brazil cotton, cotton price is higher than India XinJiangMian - 300 400 yuan/ton; 2 it is affected by new crown pneumonia continue to spread, most of the provinces, such as jiangsu and zhejiang, henan, shandong cotton textile enterprises after the construction period delay until mid to late February, cotton and other raw materials procurement to delay accordingly; Plus transportation vehicles, road restricted factors, such as buyers ask for a moratorium on the contract execution; Three is the downstream consumer market since the mid to late January rapid cooling and freezing, cash collection and payment pressure rise, part of the textile enterprises cash flow, thus delay the contract execution is advantageous to the enterprise to resume production, expand recruitment cotton. According to the USDA latest monthly global cotton ending inventory increase 2. 5 million packages ( Output increase, consumption lowered) , traders, textile enterprises is generally accepted that the expected, on the one hand, China's new pneumonia affects not only the domestic cotton consumption demand, and in India, Pakistan, Vietnam and other cotton imports a significant 'diving', thus to southeast Asia, central Asia, the impact of cotton production and marketing; On the other hand some WTO members are likely to borrow Chinese new crown pandemic 'articles', overreaction and unnecessary trade restrictions.
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