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Pakistan's chemical fiber yarn prices are rising rapidly

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
In the past seven days (July 12-18), Pakistan's cotton and yarn prices have risen across the board due to strong demand from downstream companies and a new round of devaluation of the rupee. Among them, the spot price of khakila cotton increased by 500 rupees, an increase of 6%, and the cumulative increase of 15.79% in the past four weeks, and the price of cotton yarn increased by 6-7%. It is understood that the downstream of Pakistan is actively replenishing the stock, and the cotton yarn prices in Faisalabad market are very strong. Among them, the price of 20S cotton yarn has increased by 110 rupees/Meng De, an increase of 6.80%, and the price of 30S cotton yarn has increased by 120 rupees/Meng. Germany, an increase of 6.67%. Driven by the increase in domestic cotton and cotton yarn prices, the price of polyester staple fiber in Pakistan has risen sharply in the past seven days. The price of 1.4D polyester staple fiber has increased by 6 rupees to 180 rupees/kg, an increase of 3.45%, an increase of 41.73% compared to the same period last year. , Reaching the highest increase in history.   As the cost of raw materials rises, the prices of cotton yarn and viscose yarn in Pakistan have risen across the board. Due to the downward trend in Chinese demand, Pakistan's cotton yarn prices have remained unchanged in the past three weeks, and orders from Hong Kong and South Korean customers have also declined. Article keywords:  Pakistan cotton yarn cotton prices overseas textiles
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