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Pakistan: Rupee continues to appreciate, yarn export prospects are worrying

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
According to foreign news, after the general election in Pakistan, demand in the domestic market resumed, cotton prices began to rebound, and yarn prices rose further. At present, demand from downstream garment manufacturers in Pakistan has rebounded sharply, and transactions in the Faisalabad yarn market are very active. According to statistics, in the past seven days, the domestic cotton price in Pakistan has risen by 300 rupees to 9,100 rupees/Mengde, an increase of 3.41%, an increase of 9.04% over the past four weeks; the price of pure cotton coarse yarn 30s slightly increased by 41 rupees, an increase of 2.07%. This is an increase of 12.50% over the past four weeks.   Affected by the unfavorable factors of the appreciation of the rupee and the continued sluggish demand in the Chinese market, Pakistan’s yarn export prices have not been able to increase their momentum. Among them, the export price of 30S pure cotton yarn CNF remained unchanged at US$3.33/kg for one month in a row. Market participants analyzed that the appreciation of the Pakistani Rupee will weaken the competitiveness of yarn exports, and the export prospects may be affected.   In the past seven days, the price of chemical fiber in the international market has risen, while the price of chemical fiber raw materials in Pakistan has remained unchanged. The price of 1.4D polyester staple fiber has stabilized at 180 rupees/kg, and the price of polyester-cotton blended yarn and polyester-viscose blended yarn is relatively stable. Article keywords:   Yarn exports to Pakistan
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