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Pakistan flower yarn difference between yarn export demand - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
Recently, Pakistan, frequent fluctuations of cotton prices since last week by Lou currency devaluation push yarn price rose sharply, cotton prices fell this week, but still higher than before the currency devaluation. At present, the market demand is relatively weak, purchase intention is not clear, spinning profit gradually compressed. According to statistics, over the past four weeks, the Pakistani 20 s coarse yarn prices gained 6. 75%, lower than the same period of cotton prices have jumped nearly 10%, spinning mill gross margin decline gradually, especially fine spinning gross margin decline significantly. At present, the rising domestic demand for spinning mill, Pakistan Pakistan cotton prices continue to remain strong. Sarkozy to pull up 50 rupees to spot prices over the past seven days/ji 8850 rupees. At the same time, in the past weeks that the market demand is insufficient, Pakistan cotton prices continue to maintain a very stable, 30 s cotton coarse yarn CNF export prices steadily. 3. $25 / kg. Is expected as the rupee weakening for export, Pakistan's textile and apparel exports this year will get a boost.
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