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by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
At the end of September to early October, Pakistan cotton yarn prices continue to fall, cotton prices rebounded, chemical fiber prices fell. In the week, Pakistan cotton yarn prices down in textile mills under the influence of weak demand, domestic main product prices fell about 1%. In spite of the rupee and the domestic cotton prices, but Pakistan cotton yarn exports (quotation The price in U. S. dollars) Remain stable. The future for a period of time, Pakistan cotton prices are likely to remain strong, reason is a large textile mill needs a large number of purchasing supplementary raw materials inventory. Recently, due to the domestic market of the crop significantly below expectations, Pakistan's domestic cotton prices rose 8. 7%. Cotton prices lead to lower profits of Pakistan cotton. In the past three weeks, although different raw material price changes, but Pakistan polyester/cotton yarn and polyester viscose yarn basic did not change. Polyester staple fiber prices follow the raw material prices, 1. 4 d polyester staple weekly fall 1. 58%. Affected by a stronger rupee and the weaker currency, polyester staple fiber import prices fell to zero. $90 / kg to domestic enterprises cut the price. Meanwhile, Pakistan's domestic polyester staple fiber manufacturer profits remain high, higher than average, six months before may fall further in the future to new lows. Polyester yarn demand, the price is strong, viscose staple import prices stable, domestic prices steady, in recent weeks, the import of Chinese viscose staple fiber prices lasts 1. 37 $/ kg.
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