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Pakistan cotton prices rebounded sharply - demand recovery stimulation Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-08
On September 7 13, with cotton and polyester prices rise and the recovery of domestic and international market demand, cotton prices rebounded sharply in Pakistan. It is understood that after the eid holidays, Pakistan's domestic demand rally support faisal bud yarn market price, including JC30S, 40 s and 60 s strong sales, faisal bud yarn prices rose 4% from last week. Last week, after eight weeks of stable prices, polyester viscose yarn, PV) 1 rs/LBS in the price of the terylene yarn ( PC) And 100% polyester yarn prices remain unchanged. According to statistics, as of PTA and MEG prices in the international market, polyester staple fiber prices soared in Pakistan, including 1. 4 d polyester staple fiber prices 2 rupees per kilogram, range 1 last week. 55%; Keep 1 import prices from China. The same $16 / kg ( CNF Karachi) 。 Viscose staple fiber prices began to rise last week, the price of imports from China has reached to 2. $15 / kg high level. Last week, Pakistan cotton spot price of around 6050 rupees/ji.
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