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by:Chengyi     2020-06-23
According to Qingdao, zhangjiagang, guangzhou and other places of cotton traders, nearly two days such as Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Indonesia origin cotton FOB and CNF ( Or CIF) Offer oscillation callback, some of the major brand companies C40S and above high, high cotton adjusted slightly larger; C16S, C21S BaoPiao cotton yarn for the northern market inquiry, poor delivery and relatively stable; Import OE yarn, low a ring spinning continued weakness, weak pattern, but the port bonded, prompt shipment quantity sustained growth, traders feel increasing pressure. From survey, arrival in August or predict the number of imports of cotton yarn of arrival is June and July are the obvious picks up momentum, on the one hand, with the dollar index strengthened continuously, including the Indian rupee, the dong, the substantial depreciation of the rouble, the yuan and so on central Asia, stimulus such as southeast Asia, central Asia and other countries to cotton yarn, textile clothing export; On the other hand, southeast Asian countries have to support 'measures such as cotton yarn, grey cloth, Since July 1, 2018, according to India and Bangladesh, China, Laos, Korea, Sri Lanka and other countries, the asia-pacific trade agreement signed part of textile export to obtain preferential duty) , the effect is beginning to show; In addition, the strong gains, PTA and polyester staple fiber prices for crude oil, the effects of the recent India and Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other chemical fiber yarn, blended yarn and so on the price quotation of passive rise, some small and medium-sized mills under cost high, sell low hysteresis and towards a pure cotton yarn production. What are the reasons lead to bonded, shipping date yarn price drop? The author analysis summarized as follows: first, the rapid depreciation, traders and cotton weaving enterprise import costs have risen sharply, both inside and outside hangs intensified trend in China's enterprises wait-and-see sentiment strong, Single no clear requirements in the contract or negotiable communication the domestic cotton yarn as far as possible the documents. Nearly two days in the lap of record years approaching $97, under the pressure of the RMB exchange rate eventually lost 6. Mark (9 integers Onshore renminbi against the us dollar intraday refresh 6 year low. 9336). , can break 7 has become the focus of all parties, not only Chinese buyers signed futures yarn, for August shipment took a suspended part of the performance contract, negotiate cancel operations such as; Secondly, since August ICE cotton futures fell sharply, American cotton, cotton, cotton west Africa, India, cotton and so on the spot and far month shipment offer subsequently tumbled, India and Pakistan and other countries mills material costs expected decline. Since August 1, the main ICE cotton futures contract from 89. 76 cents/pound fell to 80 all the way. 60 cents/pound, or up to 10. 2%, and the echo is C/A cotton SM, EMOT/MOT cotton SM and west Africa cotton SM level spot price fell 6 respectively. 58%, 6. 51% and 6. 33%. With the yarn costs decline, countries mills cut offer prompt and sailing to inspire Chinese enterprises actively import; Thirdly, zheng period and domestic cotton spot as downward, the competitiveness of domestic cotton continued ascension, import yarn are ignored and even out of the Chinese market risks. Since the middle of August by the national cotton reserves 2017/18 round extend a month, has been recorded in domestic cotton supply relatively abundant, the weather is good and bad influence, 6-2 CF1901 contracts from 17375 to 16220 yuan/ton, down 6. 65%; 2017/18 XinJiangMian spot quotations also callback 300 - as a whole 500 yuan/ton; The national cotton reserves round out the XinJiangMian in 15300 - a daily average price stability 15500 yuan/ton. Textile enterprise decline in raw material costs, production and sales off-season arrival and a trade war with China impact on the industry initially appeared to cotton yarn market quotations steady in the fall, C32 domestic yarn with India, Vietnam BaoPiao inverted space expanded to 1000 - 1300 yuan/ton ( Have customs clearance) ; Jiangsu and zhejiang, guangdong, shandong and other weaving mill and traders to procurement, business focus to the domestic yarn, temporarily slow down or give up import yarn operation.
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