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by:Chengyi     2020-07-01
According to guangdong, fujian, jiangsu and zhejiang, cotton traders feedback, in recent days the port bonded, clearance cotton inquiry and shipment from October occurrence peak have been go pale, decreasing ( India and Pakistan yarn better sales only & other; A flash in the pan & throughout; ) , with the exception of C21, C32 knitting yarn and OE10S - OE16S yarn demand, order not, prior to the goods, supply tight 8 s - Pakistan 16 s siro-spun order cooling is more obvious. Qingdao dealer said that currently bonded, spot or futures $yarn price stability strong, Vietnam yarn, central Asia, Indonesia yarn CNF, FOB price oscillation increases with ICE cotton futures rose) ; With commissioner of yarn RMB quotation overall stabilisation, but with zheng, cotton futures rebound ( Domestic cotton, cotton spot echoes up) , traders incentives, and benefits from 100 - space 200 yuan/ton to 50 yuan/ton, no longer even at a discount, and domestic yarn and synthetic, not only and roughly the same pace. Additional as we have learned, at present India, uzbek, Indonesia origin 40 s and to count cotton yarn inquiry, outbound is slightly better now (September/October With more than 32 s combed yarn) , traders, brokers, high count blended yarn in the operation and direction to adjust direction. OE yarn, low a ring spinning sales & ahead of the other; Curtain call & throughout; Reasons are as follows: first, the domestic foreign trade, garment, weaving enterprise & other; Golden nine silver ten & throughout; Order is significantly weaker than expected and is still in short order, many varieties, low profits, Or Christmas) Mainly to the single; Second, southeast Asia, central Asia cotton mills main purchasing low quality, low level of Brazil, India, cotton, such as west Africa cotton spinning cotton yarn 21 s and below, unable to meet the requirements of weaving mill in China, traders ( Since the collaterals, BaoPiao) ; Three is the internal and external C32 C21 count cotton yarn spreads narrowed to 200 - 300 yuan/ton, the yarn declining competitiveness; Four is to depreciate the renminbi expected strongly. Some institutions,. ltd, traders believe that on the fed to cut interest rates and currencies and other central Banks around the world; Sluice & throughout; And widen the RMB exchange rate volatility, signing the risk of futures yarn, cotton imports is larger.
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