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by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
Business club - September 7th - the Qingdao, guangzhou, zhangjiagang, cotton yarn, cotton traders, since the mid to late August, arrival of delivery, the number of imported cotton yarn for the bonded continued to enlarge, main origin is India, Vietnam, Pakistan and central Asia, turkmenistan, uzbekistan and bleached yarn, the yarn is low, the yarn of air-jet loom is higher. An international cotton traders speculated that after investigation, China's main port in September 'consignment' and has total clearance outside the yarn for sale in more than 100000 tons, which yarn India accounts for more than 30%, guangzhou, Qingdao, ningbo and Shanghai is still the major import yarn port. On the one hand into the thick fabric in July and August exports and domestic sales orders rising, the demand for cotton under C32, C21 and bottomed out, the United States, Mexico, Vietnam produce OE16S, OE10S bleached yarn is popular with the China. ltd and traders, middlemen, so the mills such as India, Vietnam shipment 'consignment' actively; On the other hand, the RMB exchange rate volatility range widening, depreciation is helpful for cotton, cotton and other imports, India and Pakistan, the textile mill even pause to its domestic customers such as supply, grasping the export cotton yarn preemption low yarn market position in China. On September 1 6, Qingdao, guangzhou port CD 21 s India, Pakistan cotton yarn offer is concentrated in the 17500 - 17800 yuan/ton ( Individual high quality 21 s price 18000 yuan/ton) , 17000 - 17300 yuan/ton; CD 32 s yarn price is in 19500 - India 19800 yuan/ton, up from 20000 yuan/ton offer very few, because of domestic cotton, cotton yarn under the spot price of 8 months since the decline narrowed, yarn of the domestic market price adjustment will also is very low. Several cotton dealers said, as a result of a large cotton yarn of cotton traders to import, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia and other mills not only positive to China weaving mill, importers have to sell the 100% cotton, 100% 100% Australian cotton, cotton S - India 6 cotton high count, and because of the India and Pakistan for the mills such as the Chinese traders, importers have almost the same price, Is not affected by the amount of signings and the contract price) , cause traders between cost and profit into transparent, some imports, small and medium enterprises 'move brick' the difference is only 30 - 50 yuan/ton. Qingdao medium cotton import enterprise said, at present the trade companies, intermediaries are purchasing link forward, directly from the hands of foreign cotton 'primary source', almost 100% take LC90 day settlement, minimize for cotton, exchange rate fluctuations, economic situation and produce of the cotton yarn business risk.
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