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by:Chengyi     2020-07-07
According to Qingdao, zhangjiagang, guangzhou and other ports of cotton traders, recently in 68 - ICE main contract 69 cents/pounds more than a line sideways, empty waiting for fresh, American cotton exports report both port bonded 2016/17 American cotton, cotton, cotton (west Africa Mainly in benin, Cameroon, Zimbabwe, etc) of origin And the arrival of the Australian cotton CNF, CIF quotation comprehensive stabilization, etc. On July 19, 20, Macao cotton SM 1 - SM 1 - 1/4 7/32、SM 1- 3/16 ( Breaking strength of 33 GPT, horse value G5) Quotation of 90 respectively. 90 - 91 cents/pound, 89. 90 - 90 cents/pound, 88. 90 - 89 cents/pound, which to offer a larger contract ( A single delivery more than three ark) There are zero. 10 - 0. 15 cents/pounds of bargaining space; 1 - and SM 1/8 cotton price is basic and S - in Australia June 1 - 1/8, 86 - 86. 20 cents/lb. An international cotton traders, said Chinese buyers to cotton in the country since the middle of June and procurement mainly length - 1 5/32 and above, more than 30 GPT and strong middle flower, for 1 - 1/8, 1 - 3/32 of the length of the early interest in flowers. USDA, according to a report in 2016/17 cotton output of about 95 in Australia. About 84 80000 tons, for exports. 90000 tons ( 2015/16 67 actual exports. 70000 tons) ; Australian cotton company calculates total output is expected to reach 1 million tons, but as the Australian cotton processing, contract, shipment schedule of speeding up, the cotton ginning mill and exporters are a reflection of Australian cotton production may be overrated, actual or around 900000 tons. On the one hand, upland cotton yield prediction on the high side. 2016/17 Australian cotton area of growth comes mainly from the irrigated area of dry land, the decline in the overall yield is bigger; On the other hand, has been recorded in March to harvest a long rain, not only for cotton indices such as strength, horse value, the output is bad; Moreover, 2016/17 India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other southeast Asian countries to the mill to the attention of Australian wool, signing enthusiasm rising ( By the end of April, Australian cotton export contract progress has reached to 80%) , production statistics are repeated, such as false error. From the point of investigation, for four consecutive days failed to break ICE contracts 69 cents/pounds; American cotton export report or bad outweigh the more; Add ICE starting from 66. 28 rebounded to 68. 47, triggering the spot price of cotton, Australian cotton, west Africa cotton answer to rise 2 - 3 cents/pound, so purchase invitation from southeast Asia, China showed a trend of fall ( Within the Chinese market 1% tariff cotton import quotas to a serious shortage of supply, transfer, rent-seeking 'one ticket is hard to find' external cause larger) , some textile mills began to try to 'ON - CALL 'price order. Henan, jiangsu, shandong and other places FangQi said that since starting this month cotton imports value-added tax rate from 13% to 11%, in theory, the yuan after customs clearance outside the cotton price should be cut, is conducive to enterprise procurement or cotton buyer quotations down, but as a result of 1% imported within the tariff quotas 'openings' situation is outstanding, so no matter inside and outside the cotton price spread or release policy 'dividend' is a direct result of the quota transfer, rent-seeking rising prices. Customs clearance beauty such as cotton, Australian cotton price is larger than 2016/17 XinJiangMian above 1000 yuan/ton; Plus purchase quota 'intones difficult', therefore, fewer and fewer number of traders operating imports of cotton competition has slowed, but 'sweep' is far from over, small and medium-sized cotton merchants gradually blocked beyond 'the threshold' in the industry.
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