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Outside dish 'yarn' futures trading has warmed momentum of Vietnam - yarn export slowdown Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
As ICE cotton futures oscillation space contraction, take the lead in stabilizing and domestic cotton cotton prices on the domestic textile and apparel market in 8/9/10 season expectations, nearly more than a week to port bonded, & other Futures yarn & throughout; Offer whole stabilization, clearance cotton RMB quotation also sideways, traders panic, anxiety state of mind a little relief. Qingdao, jiangsu and zhejiang and other places of cotton enterprises, said the inside dish to clinch a deal still is given priority to with C32S and the following count cotton yarn ( Including the OE yarn) , over 40 s and comb, combing and compact spinning, inquiry and shipment is light & other; Poor & throughout; To describe a very happy; But outside dish & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Trading is more active in June a lot, especially India OE21S, C21, C32 high match BaoPiao yarn is FOB/CNF price & other performance; Defensive & throughout; Signed, but the rebound momentum is obvious, the order situation. However, import & other; Leader & throughout; Vietnam yarn since mid-june continue not to force, Vietnam cotton association statistics, in June 2019, 12 Vietnam cotton yarn exports. 690000 tons, fell by 14%; In June, according to China's customs statistics in our country cotton yarn imports also fell by 19. 9%) ; Domestic traders also feedback, bonded, clearance Vietnam cotton downstream weaving mill, garment factory and middlemen attention continues to decline, see goods, outbound relatively early. Industry analysis, on the one hand, the past two months outside dish quotation & other; More stable yarn, yarn printing drop & throughout; , the two spread constantly narrowed; Coupled with the Indian rupee & other; Beat about the bush & throughout; , to gradually get rid of a bad for Indian yarn competition environment; On the other hand with the 2018/19 American cotton, Brazil the delivery quality decline, such as cotton mills in Vietnam in the level of cotton, cotton high count index and stability also declines, C21 - C40S cotton & other; Don't BaoPiao & throughout; The distribution of rise; Moreover, along with China's jiangsu and zhejiang, guangdong, shandong, henan and other places small weaving enterprises, small garment factory production or even stop production increase, the proportion of the buyer to the supply ability is low, with the demand of cotton yarn is not stable, not brand Vietnam continues to decrease ( Vietnam in the majority with under 20000 ingot size mills) , big companies are focus on sourcing quality guarantee, and easy to Indian companies cotton yarn of the claim.
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