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by:Chengyi     2020-06-20
Last week, On March 30 - On April 6) , global outbreak spread further, the market panic. Cotton prices low oscillation, yarn orders continue to drop to freezing point. Enterprise have been stressed out, cut the yarn price in succession. Cotton material. Zheng cotton interval oscillation, low domestic cotton seeding work began. Due to target price is 2020 for 18600 yuan/ton, market confidence, and expects the xinjiang cotton planting area or maintain smooth, and the mainland due to factors such as industry adjustment and earnings, is expected to continue to reduce area. As of April 6, 2019/20 local machine mining of northern xinjiang cotton & other; Double 28 & throughout; ( Impurity 2. Less than 5%) Mainstream offer basis in CF2005 + ( 400 - 600). Library in xinjiang, with low quality basis less resources; Long-staple cotton price fell sharply, level 137 mainstream offer near 20700 yuan/ton, compared to previous week fell 500 yuan/tons. Other raw materials. As of April 6, jiangsu and zhejiang area 1. 4 d * 38 mm direct spinning polyester staple mainstream in 5200 - quotation 5300 yuan/ton, compared to a week before the fall of 400 - 500 yuan/ton. Since march, polyester staple fiber price has fallen nearly 2000 yuan/ton, sales dropped sharply. Ji lu area 1. 5 d * viscose staple bid in 9000-38 mm 9200 yuan/ton, compared to previous week fell 300 yuan/ton, sales in general. Pure cotton yarn. Global outbreak spread rapidly, more and more countries began to & other; Isolation & throughout; Outbreak, yarn orders dropped to freezing point. Domestic market sales cold and cheerless, enterprise reduction to inventory. It is understood that the guangdong, fujian, jiangsu and zhejiang area downstream orders breach of promise is more, companies suffered huge losses. Clinch a deal the market at present is given priority to with just need more, some companies to cut capacity even holiday stress. On April 6, shandong binzhou's comb at a factory ( Rapier) 21 s, 32 s price respectively is 18200 yuan/ton, 19000 yuan/ton, compared to a week before the fall of 400 - 500 yuan/ton. Air spinning prices fell, henan OEC12S at a factory price is controlled in 15000 yuan/ton, compared to previous week fell 300 yuan/ton. High density yarn under the same orders, low pressure, less consumption, compact spinning at a factory in jiangsu JC80S with the arrival of the 35200 yuan/ton, compared to previous week fell 500 yuan/ton. Market is very pessimistic, textile market or face a new round of reshuffle. Other yarn. On April 6, hebei, shandong area of pure polyester yarn s price down to 10000-32 Near 10200 yuan/ton, compared to about a week before the fall of 700 yuan/ton; People cotton ring spun R30S price is in 14000 yuan/ton. Import yarn. Affected by the outbreak, the import yarn outside dish to clinch a deal is less, the price down. At present, the ports of India yarn C32S after-tax price 19600 yuan/ton, JC32S knitting after-tax RMB price near 22000 yuan/ton.
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