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On September 27 national cotton reserves round out the volume 1. Clinch a deal of 750000 tons of average price 14797 yuan/ton Textile information - Textile net -

by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
On September 27, China national cotton reserves management co. , LTD. , plans for outbound sales national cotton reserves of 30000 tons, the actual transaction 1. Clinch a deal of 750000 tons, sell-through rate of 54%, the average price 14797 yuan/ton, up 173 yuan/ton, 3128 price 16248 yuan/ton, up 241 yuan/ton. The day: to ChanMian clinch a deal in 1657. Clinch a deal of 7265 tons, sell-through rate of 15%, the average price 14388 yuan/ton, the average price of 89 yuan/ton, the highest price 15390 yuan/ton, the lowest price 14130 yuan/ton. 15823 XinJiangMian clinch a deal. 13 tons and sell-through rate of 75%, clinch a deal the average price of 14840 yuan/ton, the average price 599 yuan/ton, the highest price 16200 yuan/ton, the lowest price 13910 yuan/ton. Cumulative: Sept. 27, cumulative outbound 421 plan. 10000 tons, the cumulative outbound clinch a deal in 246. 40000 tons, the sell-through rate is 59%; Clinch a deal the price 17700 yuan/ton, the lowest price 12700 yuan/ton.
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