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On May 28th, the turnover rate of reserve cotton was 100%, and the cumulative transaction exceeded 1 million tons.

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
On May 28th, China Cotton Reserve Management Co., Ltd. planned to sell 30,000 tons of reserved cotton out of the warehouse. The actual transaction was 30,000 tons. The transaction was 100%. The average transaction price was 15,349 yuan/ton, an increase of 7 yuan/ton, and the 3128 price was 16,571. Yuan/ton, up 9 Yuan/ton. The situation on the day:    real estate cotton sold 8209.69 tons, the transaction rate was 100%, the average transaction price was 14,692 yuan/ton, the average increase was 694 yuan/ton, the highest transaction price was 16010 yuan/ton, the lowest transaction price was 14020 yuan/ton;    Xinjiang cotton sold 21,798.089 tons , The transaction rate is 100%, the average transaction price is 15,597 yuan/ton, the average increase is 1,513 yuan/ton, the highest transaction price is 16,730 yuan/ton, and the lowest transaction price is 14,630 yuan/ton.   Cumulative situation:    As of May 28, the cumulative planned outbound transaction was 1.62 million tons, the cumulative outbound transaction was 1.003 million tons, and the transaction rate was 62%; the highest transaction price was 17,020 yuan/ton, and the lowest price was 13,900 yuan/ton. Article keywords:  reserve cotton cotton
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