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On May 14th, the turnover rate of reserve cotton rounds was 61%, and the average transaction price continued to rise

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
On May 14th, China Cotton Reserve Management Co., Ltd. plans to sell 30,000 tons of reserved cotton out of the warehouse. The actual transaction is 18,200 tons, the transaction rate is 60.74%, the average transaction price is 14,450 yuan/ton, and the price is increased by 91 yuan/ton, which is discounted to 3128. 15,701 yuan/ton, an increase of 158 yuan/ton. Situation on the day:    real estate cotton sold 7903.332 tons, the transaction rate was 40%, the average transaction price was 13,997 yuan/ton, the average price increase was 272 yuan/ton, the highest transaction price was 15,080 yuan/ton, the lowest transaction price was 13,210 yuan/ton;    Xinjiang cotton sold 10320.657 tons , The transaction rate is 100%, the average transaction price is 14,796 yuan/ton, the average increase is 1004 yuan/ton, the highest transaction price is 15,970 yuan/ton, and the lowest transaction price is 14,060 yuan/ton.   Cumulative situation:    As of May 14, the cumulative planned outbound transaction was 1.32 million tons, and the cumulative outbound transaction was 725,000 tons, with a transaction rate of 55%; the highest transaction price was 16,310 yuan/ton, and the lowest price was 12,700 yuan/ton. Article keywords:  reserve cotton cotton
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