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by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Enter march, relevant national policy news, cotton spinning industry development or have new changes, the following will make a brief analysis from the recent hot spots. On March 5, on the morning of the 13th session of the National People's Congress second conference opening, make the government work report premier li keqiang. Report clearly pointed out: deepening the reform of value-added tax, the manufacturing industries such as the current tax rate to 13% 16%, the transportation industry, construction industry such as the current 10% tax rate is 9%, make sure the main industry significantly lower taxes. In terms of yarn companies, after-tax cost of purchasing the raw cotton can save 300 - 500 yuan/ton. So the lower taxes undoubtedly helped cotton enterprises to save operating costs, improve competitiveness to provide security for the entire textile industry development. On March 11, the National People's Congress, Shanghai textile decoration co. , LTD. , deputy general manager wang wei during the two sessions advice, we will deepen reform of the cotton import quota management and explore the 'government-led + platform support, market-oriented operation' of the new model. Especially pointed out that 'under the premise of basic to keep the existing policy, namely, maintain 50000 pounds or more enterprises apply for two modes and state-run trade enterprises designated import the same, every year from the quota of total allocated a certain amount of import quotas to no separate declaration qualification production scale under 50000 pounds of small and medium-sized textile enterprises, to develop small and medium-sized enterprises oriented centralized management of cotton import quota special pilot'. This may be the new direction of the future imports of cotton quota reform, will benefit the whole cotton spinning industry. In recent years, the reform of the issuance of import quotas on cotton voice more and more, in the current cotton under the condition of countless contradictions appear gradually, it is imperative to increase effective supply appear outside the cotton. As the national cotton reserves falling inventories, whether through secondary quotas, at the same time when quotas issued for small and medium-sized textile enterprises demand, develop more effective mechanism imposed quotas are worth looking forward to and consideration. Recently, the market appeared on national cotton reserves wheel out all kinds of guess, reflecting the market recognition and depend on the needs of the national cotton reserves and regulation policy. No matter whether the wheel, national cotton reserves stabilize the market will not change. From this perspective, round about the national cotton reserves out various guess don't need to read too much. Another 2019 is the target price of xinjiang cotton must be close to three years at the end of the year, this year will target price will be how to develop for the future of cotton market development have a profound impact. Believe that power cotton market benign development policy will gradually fall to the ground, looking forward to the 2019 worth industry.
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