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Northeast of turkmenistan - will be the new cotton yarn factory Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-11
According to turkmenistan 'golden century' television news on November 11, a cabinet meeting held in the soil, soil the President listened to with respect to salt in soil of ancient I state of turkmenistan bashkortostan barr murat area new cotton yarn factory of work report. Soil don't President, mei, stressed that the textile industry is one of the priority to the development direction of soil processing industry. Increase investment in this area will promote high quality natural cotton yield increased, meet the consumer demand abroad. The project will create new jobs, promote local economic development, should strengthen the supervision of the work. Turkmenistan cotton each year more than 1 million tons, provides the raw material for textile industry development. At present, the crops out of the cotton fiber more than half used for textile processing, can produce 11. 80000 tons of cotton yarn, 1. The fabric of 7. 8 billion square meters, 1. 7200 tons of 10000 tons of knitted fabric, terry cloth and 100 million pieces of sewing and knitting clothing. The products not only meet the domestic demand in the soil, and is mainly used for exports, 70% of export to other countries, in soil exports account for a large proportion.
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