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by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
On September 23, from mainland China, yarkand, hotan people with local people, more than 2000 people in northwestern rather than farm 30000 acres of cotton field, picking cotton, kicked off the northwestern cotton-picking, is expected to pick up cotton this year period will be extended to the end of November. In early September, no into the cotton harvest. This year, according to county agriculture bureau, basic farmers planting area of 77. Compared to last year, 60000 Chinese acres, lint 112 kilograms per mu, 6 kg per acre yield and total output of about 8. 690000 tons. Agricultural planting area of 61 management production unit. 90000 Chinese acres, lint 160 kilograms per mu, total output around 9. 90000 tons. Preliminary budget, the county cotton lint output can reach 18. More than 590000 tons, the harvest is a foregone conclusion. It is understood that the Chinese cotton group co. , LTD. , in the northwestern Chinese construction 8 cotton ginning mill, and several private cotton mills located in northwestern, enough to ensure no all cotton purchase. Sales of cotton market prices this year in 7 yuan per kilogram to 7. 3 yuan between, higher than last year 0 per kg on average. 2 yuan to zero. 5 yuan, can be more income 100 yuan per mu. In order to ensure the cotton picking on schedule, no pick up cotton to safeguard staff accommodation, on the edge of the cotton planting regions, based on selling called naan, barbecue, esthetic, liangpi, such as vendors, cotton-picking people eat not sorrow. In addition, in order to guarantee the basic income of the farmers, the stability of cotton production, since 2014, no target price according to the autonomous region of cotton subsidy policy, the third year in a row cotton subsidies, the county county agriculture bureau has now 2017 cotton area of verification statistics report, target price for cotton subsidies.
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