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'Nine rebound' is coming, pure polyester yarn can repeat past glory - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
Trade negotiations news changes frequently, pure polyester yarn market turbulence. According to usual practice, with the traditional textile season, winter fabrics purchasing season kicked off, but compared to pure polyester yarn with the demand of hot streak, this year is on show cold and cheerless. “ The nine picks up & throughout; Whether can reverse the decadence of the textile industry during the first half? Or will face greater challenges in the future? Observe by supply and demand side, pure polyester prices recently pure polyester yarn market price stabilization. Downstream demand remains weak, pure polyester yarn new single enterprise to undertake less than in previous years in the same period, the main to deliver early shipment booking order is given priority to. In the early stage of the booking and just need a small amount of replenishment orders, pure polyester yarn inventory to maintain low society, but the industry still has concerns about future market, short-term or is given priority to with steady price view city, does not exclude the presence of yarn companies to alleviate the pressure of the money on low-priced dumping goods in quantity. Ring spun by the close, fujian T32S tax mainstream discussions focused on 11600 - 11700, slightly higher 11800, west region T21S ex-factory price on 11200 - tax mainstream Between 11300, joinville region without tax talks focused on the 10800 or so, in order to transfer pricing, vortex spinning tax mainstream discussion focused on the 13200 - zhejiang region 13400, jiangsu regional tax discussions focused on 13400 - 13600. ( Unit: yuan/ton) Weak demand environment and overlay, bearish news dragged down the market clinch a deal the atmosphere, increase the industry concerns about future market; According to long the information statistics, yarn companies under full load operation, according to the cost accounting, since the end of July to pure polyester yarn cost is on the verge of line nearly 30 days. This week, changle T32S disk processing fee for 4448. 75, fell 218 month, narrow it down from 4. Narrow it down 68%, year-on-year 0. 4%. At present, some enterprises exist for lack of work, the eia work safety, and so on and so forth affect the construction, let the poor profits of pure polyester yarn funding pressures. ( Unit: yuan/ton) Next month forecast: terms of macro news: on the one hand, repeatability and long-term issues of trade negotiations and the serious situation of raw material market and terminal market disturbance risk; On the other hand, the offshore RMB exchange rate against the dollar depreciated, favorable export enterprise exchange revenues; Will at the same time, imports of raw materials prices, exchange rate is too high, the risk is, the greater the certain effects on the textile industry price, good has a certain passivation is also relatively. Constant force 2. 2 million PTA plant temporarily not to carry out the maintenance plan, and new fengming plan and put into production in September 2. 2 million the new device, and involved 5. 8 million tons of production capacity, since the fourth quarter of 2018 maintenance has been without an overhaul plan, the follow-up to continue delay probability is not big, together with polyester starts on the high side and to form a certain support, market is expected to PTA prices will remain resilient. Polyester staple cash flow is low, if the raw material without too big adjustment, market is expected to continue down the space is very limited, and do not rule out a wave again after market concentrated inventory edged up. Market is still large uncertainty, companies still need to be careful attention to the market. Comprehensive is expected, east China market conventional 1 next week. 56 * prices or in 7000-38 mm Volatility between 7400 yuan/ton. From the terminal market: from the raw material market: recently in zhejiang and guangdong area circle machine order better, enterprises undertake orders mainly wholesale sale in domestic market order more, at present has both great circle machine near to 60%. But widespread concerns about such order continuous time is limited, some only is expected to continue to before the Mid-Autumn festival. Comprehensive the above, the cost of pure polyester yarn in the negative, and the demand side go on under the condition of less than expected. Traditional season demand twist phenomenon, a new single add to continue to live, customers just need replenishment downstream temporarily not substantive, pure polyester yarn will gradually tired library risks. Shipment under pressure and benefits in quantity, there are downside risks, the market price given the present pure polyester yarn in poor profits, pure polyester yarn market is expected to discuss or - in 11500 12000. At the same time, the complexity of the global economy, the trade environment and the existence of the risk factors, the industry concerns. Already in the second half of 2019, the textile industry will usher in the winter & other GongJianQi & throughout; , yarn prices should be reasonable control inventory, industry self-discipline at a lower price, to ensure a healthy capital chain operation, even if the winter is still continue, the temperature is still lower, can always through a recovery day.
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