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New item first academician workstation built up for new item textile upgrade path - science and technology Textile information - Textile net - Textile heald

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
, new item at the end of the tail and head of the cotton Textile industry celebrate 'gift', December 18, 2018, jian-yun yu academician workstation in Henan Xinye Textile Co. , ltd. officially built up, which is listed on the first academician workstation Xinye built. Cotton textile industry is the traditional advantage of xinye industry, has more than 120 cotton textile enterprises, textile size more than 200 pounds, industry scale in the province's first. In the face of cotton textile industry is increasingly changing market environment, xinye textile enterprises to explore the new path of transformation and upgrading, strengthening scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. As xinye cotton textile industry leading enterprises, in order to further improve the level of enterprise technology innovation capacity and research and development, to speed up the transformation and upgrading, promote enterprise's core competitiveness, new item textile co. , LTD. Jian-yun yu academician in June 2018 with donghua university in Shanghai, the academician workstation site agreement had been signed. The agreement cooperation term from June 1, 2018 to 2021 on May 31. Jian-yun yu academician long engaged in scientific research and teaching in the field of textile material, presided over fulfilled the state '15' of science and technology research projects, research projects, such as national major military project of form a complete set. He led the team in recent years for companies including XinFang company guidance and help, has made remarkable achievements. After the establishment of academician workstation, the innovation system, innovation of XinFang company provide advisory guidance direction and strategic development planning, training technical personnel, improve innovation ability. XinFang company with donghua university will revolve around functional textiles, textile and advanced processing technology, a new fiber materials and application in the fields of science and technology research. The road of industrial transformation and upgrading in science and technology, in recent years is xinye cotton textile industry bigger and stronger one of the important paths. At present, xinye county more than 200 spindles ingot, loom 3000 units, an annual output of ten thousand tons of yarn 30, grey 2. 4 200 million m, absorb employment. More than 50000 people, covers the raw cotton trading, processing, cotton spinning, weaving, fabric, garment processing, and other links, initially formed specialized division of labor and cooperation, the whole industry chain upstream and downstream business of clustering development pattern. With the economic development of high quality, xinye aiming at traditional industrial upgrading, in scientific and technological innovation, promote the traditional cotton textile industry to high-end, intelligent. XinFang company 120000 yarn spindle intelligence projects completed and put into operation, with a total investment of 6. 200 million yuan of 30000 tons of high-grade knitting fabric project is commissioning, after the completion of the project, will completely break through new item of printing and dyeing textile and garment industry bottlenecks, truly form the whole industrial chain management pattern, at the same time, it will put an end to nanyang without printing and dyeing textile and apparel industry of history; Romm clothing company 3 million shirts production line put into operation, annual output of 200000 down jacket production lines have been put into production; Huaxing company high-grade jet loom 410 units, peng rise 20 large circular loom and 2 million pieces of high-end clothing production line put into production putting-in-service proactively, speeding up the large textile county to the large county of textile and apparel. 'The establishment of the academician workstation, not only for the new item textile has set up a platform enterprise high-level scientific and technological innovation, will further accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading of enterprises, promote the development of the enterprise quality, promote enterprises to further improve the economic benefit. For the ascension of the whole xinye cotton textile industry will also is an important step, speed up the transformation and upgrading of cotton textile industry. 'Relevant person in charge of xinye said.
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