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New annual cotton imports in China is expected to maintain in a line - 2 million tons Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-09
Import structure from low to medium yarn, yarn from a single yarn of import trend analysis to all varieties of cotton yarn cotton imports in China require quota, the current quota amount is $89 a year. 40000 tons, within the quota to enjoy a 1% tariff, quota outside you will need to pay the higher sliding tax. There is no limit to the cotton imports, import tariffs on the low side. Import cotton yarn from India, follow the asia-pacific trade agreement, import tariffs is 3. 5%. Imported from Pakistan cotton yarn, yarn follows the 'early harvest agreement between China and Pakistan, import tariffs is 3. 5%. Cotton yarn from Vietnam, but also enjoy - China The asean free trade area of zero tariff treatment. 2011 years ago, the domestic cotton imports almost no more than 1 million tons, and began in 2011, the domestic implementation of cotton to support purchase policy, difference between inside and outside the cotton, cotton abroad cost advantages, domestic cotton import volume. Before 2015, imports of cotton yarn is also one of the effective channels to carry. Statistics show that in 2012, domestic cotton imports annual growth for 68. In 2013 and 9% growth for 37. 4%. After, although growth is slowing, but the annual imports are maintain in 2 million tons. The first seven months of this year, total domestic import 1. 1 million tons of cotton yarn, fell 1. 77%. Month, 3 months before storage, cotton imports increased compared to the situation, and store after start-up, cotton imports declined year-on-year. Cotton import characteristics analysis of cotton yarn source of import in our country is relatively concentrated, mainly in southeast Asia and South Asia countries. Among them, India, Pakistan and Vietnam cotton accounts for more than 70% of China's imports. In 2013 with Indian cotton yarn is given priority to, accounting for 30%. By last year, Vietnam cotton increased, accounting for 32%. Imported cotton yarn of the obvious advantages, such as good cotton assorting, high quality. With the improvement of the cotton industry chain, import structure is changing. First, cotton imports from low to medium yarn yarn development. According to the General Administration of Customs, China's cotton import to 8 & ndash; 25 is given priority to, accounting for more than half; 30 - 47 accounted for about a quarter of yarn, and the trend of increase slightly. Secondly, cotton imports from a single yarn to the variety development. The corresponding standard grade cotton futures delivery 32 general comb in the proportion of imports of cotton yarn is about 20%. Third, cotton imports mainly focused on the general field of combed yarn, which accounts for more than three quarters. Cotton outlook since April this year, domestic cotton prices continue to lower than international cotton prices, the lowest price for - 600 yuan/ton. Difference between inside and outside are the main factors affecting cotton imports, it is not the only factor. With the improvement of the cotton industry chain, cotton imports. Early, the neighboring countries of cotton yarn with the advantages of low raw material cost and artificial cost, but also subject to technology, management, credit and other disadvantages. Along with the increase of the local government support, the introduction of technology, the cotton textile industry rapid development, the Chinese set up factories in surrounding countries also more and more. Looking forward to 2017/2018, cotton store policy will continue to execute, mid-range cotton will be effective supply, domestic imports will be for low and medium cotton yarn. However, if the cotton import can't completely let go, so in addition to the our country, global market faces the risk of supply shortage. At that time, both inside and outside the cotton price is expected to open again, and thus stimulate domestic cotton imports increased. Overall, China's cotton imports are expected to remain at 2 million tons of a line. Cotton futures listed in August 18th. In order to maintain the stability of the futures market, temporarily not allowed to import cotton yarn delivery. However, settlement rules involved imported cotton storage conditions, for the time is right, imported cotton will also enter the system of cotton futures.
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