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Negative off-season yarn price weakness - fermentation Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
In late July, cotton futures, rise in ICE futures are falling, part of the cotton traders have edged higher XinJiangMian spot price, but the cotton market is still relatively cold and cheerless. With places such as shandong, henan and hebei textile enterprises contact learned that businesses generally said cotton rose difficult, pressure still bigger order. In recent years, the voice of the real economy is not good every once in a while will fermentation time, the more intense this year, clothes stores worldwide. According to the United States, according to a data by the end of July, 7062 retail stores closed, the United States this year is expected to reach a record close stores throughout the year 1. 2 m. Zhengzhou, henan, hebei, shijiazhuang and other places, said an official with the garment enterprises due to the product homogeneity serious, in imitation of the prevailing wind under the competitive environment, the service life of clothing products increasingly short. In July this year, around the collapse of large wholesalers, clothing factory, entity shop is now facing a new wave of put up the shutters. The other port traders said, the impact of the yarn is intensified. Since June this year, China's main port logistics zone, bonded zone yarn overcrowded, inventory in most of the time more than 100000 tons. As of late July, but also reached a record high of 120000 tons. Combined with imported yarn with domestic yarn spreads gradually narrowed, the current domestic medium-sized FangQi C32S match yarn in 21700 - quotation 21900 yuan/ton ( State reserve cotton cotton assorting accounted for more than 50%) High, and port C32 match BaoPiao yarn in India, Vietnam, Pakistan also more than in 21800 - quotation 22000 yuan/ton. Imports, by contrast, good yarn quality index, high dyeing uniformity, grey cloth, fabrics enterprises prefer to use imported yarn. Impact on import yarn, clothing store closures, under the pressure of the current situation of the textile enterprise order of small, high inventory, such as clouds. 24, some textile mills in shandong, said an official with the plant spinning capacity of more than 170000 pounds, but order is less than half capacity and limit production enterprises, while looking for orders, but the stock is still rising. It is understood that the general times, FangQi inventory not more than 15 days, this year inventory of more than 30 days companies. Under the high inventory, the enterprise capital turnover is ineffective, purchasing raw materials more difficult. One thousand ways to inventory as recent FangQi main goal. In the face of weaker market environment, the obvious contradiction between supply and demand, cost support the weak, textile enterprises how to perform a preliminary order is given priority to, but the price rise difficulty, middle and lower the yarn price profits. Although sino-us trade talks to release news recently, but the impact on the textile market is limited, for the yarn product in the off-season, negative occupy the dominant position, combined with the market has a very clear its prospects to save large variable, may in the short term yarn price will remain weak.
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