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National cotton reserves wheel clinch a deal the hot afternoon may not be optimistic Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
Clinch a deal the original title: two days to catch up with two month late last year the market value? 'Downstream demand exactly how, see the wheel out about'. National cotton reserves before the start of sales, according to one industry veteran. Round began two days, its popularity to some relaxation of imports of cotton for two consecutive days all clinch a deal, even domestic cotton is a cinch, two pulley a total of more than 60000 tons, has catch up with the last two months of sales. Before the start of the auction of the strict inspection process and the competitive price for textile enterprise of national cotton reserves generally full of expectation, while imports of cotton have priority on the more appetizing everybody's appetite. As of May 5 at noon, imports of cotton has five consecutive 100% clinch a deal, market demand for high-grade cotton. Except for hunger, such as the pot of textile enterprises, traders and merchants of bidders is not in the minority, even if it means higher prices. The robbed the lottery of Macao cotton photographed the degree, although it is true that the price a little high, but the hands available always let a person feel the steadfast, good cotton always don't want to sell. These two years, cotton and textile companies suffering from quota, without quota, always trying to make some good resources. For traders, who mastered the resources during this time, who will grasp the initiative in the late year. On the other hand, the number of traders received many may explain the fact that the market demand is not so optimistic before foreign also have concerns about this. Have foreign said, because of a lack of quota, cotton spot outside the business has been a downturn, and textile business capital is bad, always buy along with it. Although some companies hold buy national cotton reserves, but the overall inventory of desire is not strong. If you don't to downstream demand, it is difficult to continue the spot strong. The personage inside course of study analysis, the heat of the national cotton reserves bid or will remain for a period of time, the spot may not fall too fast, and the futures price under the pressure of increased supply have to respond in advance, in recent days, both inside and outside plate has started to weaken. As the national cotton reserves outbound market supply will be increased later this year, afraid of not having enough cotton resources is not reality. Both futures and spot, rising may not. As the personage inside course of study says, was a watershed in the Canton fair in May, the textile market will soon enter the off-season, the late market may not be optimistic.
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