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National cotton reserves round the expected increase of cotton mills on how to deal with? - - - - - - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
In 2016, the national cotton reserves round out the expected increase gradually, as for He Shilun out, there is no official clear advice, but the only certain is that 2016 will be national cotton reserves big head for a year. In a large number of national cotton reserves on the market, will undoubtedly great effects on the 2015 annual domestic cotton sales work. According to the national cotton market, according to data from the monitoring system according to the domestic cotton production is expected to 521. 60000 tons ( In November 2015 forecast) Calculations, as of January 22, cumulative processing ginned cotton 458 throughout the country. Cotton 227 60000 tons, the total sales. 80000 tons; 355 processing ginned cotton in xinjiang. 00000 tons, sales of lint 149. 40000 tons, the sales rate of forty percent above, XinJiangMian filed papers, the result is not satisfactory. Halfway through 2015, due to the global economic situation in prison, the domestic textile and apparel market is not as traditional production season and warmer, on the contrary FangQi constantly lowered orders, cotton mills sales job in trouble. According to the national cotton market monitoring system in January, according to the monthly report because of a recent decline in the quality of seed cotton and acquisition of enterprises to reduce seed cotton prices have fallen significantly before New Year's day. The southern xinjiang aksu and kashi, korla mainstream hand picking cotton prices in 5. 20 - 5. 30 yuan/kg ( Lint 38%, moisture regain 12%) And, in some FangQi view, cotton length less than 27 mm not consider purchasing. Face the problem of cotton prices continue to fall, cotton prices will be how to deal with again? China cotton mills said, at present the city of cotton market weakening, combined with the domestic cotton structure imbalance, basic stopped purchasing work, especially for poor quality cotton, or refuse, or hold down prices. If national cotton reserves round out late, due to the national cotton reserves stored for a long time, the color index, such as after a liter discount will have certain price advantage, the pressure to cotton mills and traders. Xinjiang cotton mills, said the 2015 basic have seed cotton purchase, processing, mainly is the problem the late sales. In 2016 national cotton reserves wheel will enter the norm, the enterprise management brings serious test. At present, the enterprise is the only way to avoid losses to expand sale ginned cotton as soon as possible. As the Spring Festival approaching, in order to speed up progress of sales, some cotton enterprises increase the intensity of price cuts, cast goods, mid-january XinJiangMian clinch a deal valence is cut in late December 100 - 200 yuan/ton, ChanMian cut 200 - 300 yuan/ton, cotton processing enterprise percentage of loss-incurring enterprises growing. 7-2015 In August, the country is scheduled to round out the part of the national cotton reserves, subject to the limit of the cotton quality, price and other factors, clinch a deal finally the result unsatisfactory. In 2016, this reversal will occur, when the cotton mills will be how to deal with again, please continue to pay attention.
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