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National cotton reserves round out weekly: in the first week to clinch a deal smoothly meet reserves - 110000 tons of market Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-06-17
Last week, March 12-2018 16) , national cotton reserves 2017/2018 round start, China national cotton reserves management co. , LTD. , plans to outbound sales national cotton reserves of 150000 tons, the actual clinch a deal the 11. 30000 tons, brought in 75. 32%, including 7 XinJiangMian clinch a deal. 550000 tons, the sell-through rate of 100%, clinch a deal ChanMian 3. 750000 tons, brought in 51. 8%; Look from clinch a deal the price, clinch a deal the average price of 14443 yuan/ton, fold the standard ( 3128). Clinch a deal price 15673 yuan/ton, XinJiangMian average price 14734 yuan/ton, clinch a deal to ChanMian average price 13871 yuan/ton; Clinch a deal from enterprises, a total of 284 enterprises to participate in bidding, clinch a deal 19 companies more than 1000 tons, including 9 textile enterprises, traders 10. In the week, the spot market price is relatively stable, smooth to meet national cotton reserves of the wheel. According to the national cotton market monitoring system, according to data on behalf of the mainland 3128 B grade cotton country cotton prices index (B CNCotton B) The average price of 15699 yuan/ton, the previous rose 3 yuan/ton. Look from the futures market, the week of the warehouse receipt and effective forecast number increased to 320000 tons, disk pressure, zheng cotton under pressure down. From the textile market, FangQi starts to reach more than 70%, rational bidders, additional C21s, C32s, C40s yarn prices were slightly raised, FangQi sales situation better. As the temperature gradually recovered, has been recorded in domestic gradually began to prepare for spring ploughing, BeiBo work, part of the cotton fertilizer, plastic, cotton and other agricultural materials products sales.
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