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by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
Now the domestic textile industry in a difficult position, the product prices and profits with the falling of cotton prices decline. Cotton prices gradually return to the market over the past two years has not made textile enterprises feel relieved, but is more fear and pessimism of the market. Now the national cotton reserves round out the expectations have increased, it can for the textile industry to bring some warm in the cold? As the saying goes: 'take no one hundred days red, a man without good one thousand days', the words used in the textile industry is particularly apt. Due to rising domestic production costs, product prices, domestic and foreign textile and garment market share continuously eroded by southeast Asia and other countries, has over the years of textile enterprises the clue is in the closing of the news. At present, China's textile industry raw materials, artificial, such as electricity production cost is much higher than its neighbours. Trough in domestic textile industry in their development, the national cotton reserves round out the message appears to have boosted the textile industry. So far, the official has not been released about national cotton reserves round out the policy, market to round out the price also is debated. But look from the futures, February 29, zheng cotton main contract CF1609 below ten thousand yuan, at least for national cotton reserves wheel prices generally bearish. On the surface, national cotton reserves round out the expected speed up cotton prices, but in the long run is a long pain rather short pain. Compared as is known to all, China and southeast Asian countries, has advantage in labor, raw materials such as the cost of production, especially in the aspect of raw material, 2011 - Cotton prices skyrocketed in China in 2013, the whole of the cotton spinning industry chain a brief false prosperity, and therefore laid the deep hidden dangers. Finally began to implement the target price from 2014 pilot policy, cotton prices gradually return to the market in our country, but with the falling of cotton prices, also make the people in the industry vortex of cotton afternoon, no longer more people predict whether the current cotton prices bottomed out depends on national cotton reserves round out the price. In cost of spinning, cotton material costs accounted for about 70%, in the largest proportion of production costs, and much higher than other costs, so prices have very important guiding role on the enterprise product pricing. According to the current master, domestic cotton prices have basic standards and international cotton prices. If I can some people like the outside world, national cotton reserves round out, domestic cotton prices will be the bottom of the performance, this will be a boost for the domestic textile industry, domestic cotton product competitiveness will be enhanced, at the same time also will play a positive role to stimulate consumption.
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