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by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
Recently, the import yarn under the international and domestic multiple positive stimulus, prices also rose. Traders feedback: the part of the main port in China recently, Vietnam, India, Pakistan and central Asia yarn price to rise somewhat, bonded port, customs clearance yarn prices. On January 6, shandong Qingdao trader is introduced, the recent Pakistan, Vietnam air spinning, regular, combed yarn C20S C32S clinch a deal the active, the yarn C16S, high C21S BaoPiao yarn appear even tight supply situation. At present, Qingdao port, ningbo port Vietnam yarn OE21S during the 14800 - yuan price Near 15100 yuan/ton, the yarn's comb C32S RMB in 20200 - quotation Near 20500 yuan/ton, the price rose above about 200 yuan/ton a week earlier. As of 7, Vietnam C21S jet can float in the 19600 - yuan price 19700 yuan/ton, compared with the previous week rose 200 yuan/ton, near the Indian JC21S combed knitting yarn dyeing RMB price is in 21400 yuan/ton, a rise of about 300 yuan/ton in the week before. According to the analysis, the recent market is good, strong rise in import yarn support: first, the international cotton market is more optimistic. , according to data on December 27, 2019 - On January 2nd, the domestic market of seven standard cotton spot average price of 64. 74 cents/pound, rise in the previous 2. 28 cents/lb. According to the survey of the American journal of cotton farmers, intention planting area of 1208 2020, the United States. 20000 acres, more than 2019, 13. 72 million acres of ShiBo area is reduced by 12%. Industry said that prices are too low is the biggest factors affecting American cotton area in 2020, to make American cotton area is stable, cotton prices have to rise. Second, domestic cotton yarn years ago. Since late December 2019, most areas of China cotton yarn sharply upward. Giant over 40 s and general comb, combed yarn or is in 500 yuan/ton, small factory the yarn is low with low price also has 300 - Rose 500 yuan/ton. Domestic yarn stomach head rises in price considerably appetizing traders, followed in succession. In addition, international cotton traders imported yarn FOB, CIF, CNF price continues to rise, holding cash or sign & other; Futures yarn & throughout; Traders profit rise obviously, pretty confident. Third, the opening price of foreign cotton mode. Affected by the rising costs, such as Pakistan, Vietnam recently mills at sight, 3/4 month shipment yarn offer to open up mode. Last week, for example, the yarn C20S, C32S combed yarn export price rose 0. 06 - 0. 7 $/ kg. Buy or not to buy up the psychological drive, since the mid to late December 2019, India and Pakistan, Vietnam, Pakistan, yarn inquiry and clinch a deal the rising, cotton yarn forming the rise in internal and external linkage, for supply of goods. Under the excellent situation, the market there are two different views: first of all, optimism is bullish. Some traders, middlemen that import yarn is only a small rise before the Spring Festival, after the rally will be held in the Spring Festival. At the appointed time, the market will open & other; Supply of goods is king & throughout; Time, therefore, the individual enterprises have begun & other According to the yarn & throughout; 。 Second, the pessimistic bearish. Outside part of the industry, said the recent hype yarn rally but some traders years ago to inventory, not for immediate fog covered her eyes. The us-china trade uncertainty, too many uncertain factors. Especially u. s. -iraqi contradiction upgrade has heated up, wipe gun burst at any time, the world faces an uncertain future. As a mature business: this situation, do less when see, cash is king. ( The researcher contribute for reference only)
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