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by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
Autonomous region people's government issued a measure of the Ministry of Finance, according to a report in xinjiang is becoming a domestic textile enterprises investment most heat provinces and regions. On February 6, the reporter understands from autonomous textile line do, xinjiang production of cotton yarn per tonne 3600 yuan cheaper than the coastal areas, is 4600 yuan cheaper than Vietnam. In the country and the autonomous region under a series of policy support, in 2016, a day on average increase two textile companies in xinjiang. Data shows, at present, the domestic and foreign well-known textile enterprises invest in more than 40 in xinjiang. Among them, the listed company for more than 10, more than doubled in 2009. Outside xinjiang to xinjiang construction and reorganization of cotton textile production capacity more than 85% of the total scale of the production scale in xinjiang, the mainland has become the xinjiang textile and garment enterprises in the xinjiang industry body. It is reported that xinjiang has been formed in urumqi , changji, shihezi - Kuytun, korla - WeiLi, aksu - The aral, kashgar, five industrial concentration area, initially formed 'tri-cities 7 garden' of industrial cluster development pattern. Xinjiang as a major cotton producing areas in China, the cotton accounted for over 60% of the national production resources. Today, textile and clothing industry in xinjiang is from cotton, spinning to downstream weaving, printing, dyeing, knitting, clothing and accessories, the respect such as auxiliary extended, formed a clear reflect the characteristics of xinjiang industry positioning and development direction. By the end of November 2016, xinjiang to xinjiang new mainland investment 258 textile and garment enterprises, including fabric backend and terminal companies such as knitting, clothing, home textiles accounted for more than 70%. Henceforth, autonomous region will revolve around clothing, textile, weaving, knitting, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, carpet and so on seven big industries, increase the intensity of investment promotion and capital introduction, attracting and central region advantage brand enterprise, the whole industry chain development of leading enterprises in xinjiang, to 2020, built the national important basic cotton spinning industry base, the northwest region, and the silk road economic belt core clothing apparel production base and export hub in the west.
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