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by:Chengyi     2020-06-24
China news network in Hong Kong on October 14 (Reuters) - The Korean child) The Hong Kong SAR government a new 'address' refers to the SAR government will invest hk $4 billion for 'industrialization' development. In September this year, nearly half a century to first cotton mill in environmental science and technology new look back to Hong Kong, the dragon of textile co. , LTD. Director and chief executive of yong-an Chen of China news agency reporters that environmental mill or starting point for industry, booster 'industrialization'. Longda green cotton textile recycling technology application for the first time, the old remakes. Earlier in the process of production, the application has won the gold award 'Geneva international invention' of high and new technology, using water separation and recycling old terylene (thermal treatment, etc. The Hong Kong special administrative region chief executive secretary in moths is sure to Hong Kong and respect of green cotton, 'officer, production, study and research, with' combination and inspiring role of 'industrialization'. And on the same day in nan fung mills set up by Hong Kong's first clothing circulation recycled system ( ” Retailers are using 3 d knitting technology, the fastest probably out of the clothes in four hours and save 75% energy, the future will also be open body to order and make custom design. Yong-an Chen said, compared with the traditional mills, mills have environmental protection energy conservation, environmental protection and the advantages of cheaper. In the early 1970 s, Hong Kong, as one of the 'Asian tigers', once manufacturing industry to flourish, in its economic dominance. Until 10 years later, as the production process moved inland, Hong Kong's economic structure also started to give priority to with high service. Therefore, mills 'return' in addition to the environmental protection value, seems to be more highlight its fit under the Hong Kong and the opportunities of 'industrialization' development. Critics believe that under the trend of the industrial north, 'buck' opened in Hong Kong environmental protection textile mill can make full use of the traditional advantage of Hong Kong, and new technology can resolve the disadvantageous factors of local high production cost, labor shortage, regain the development space. That is why yong-an Chen decided to open mills back to Hong Kong. The SAR government and development capital support, good local research institutions, tax incentives and so on all make him believe that 'back to Hong Kong to do environmental protection textile mill is right'. Yong-an Chen very bullish on injection in the traditional manufacturing industry and technology of new prospects, also think the Hong Kong market felt in that on the one hand, there are a lot of space, the dragon of the success of the environmental protection mills to open and gradually increase the order quantity will prove at present, 'may we only do the three points, but we see others do well, will also want to try operating in the form of environmental science and technology. 'In his view, this will help Hong Kong's' industrialization '. In fact, in recent years, the industry of Hong Kong for the process of 'industrialization' into the application of science and technology have a positive attitude. In December 2017, the federation of Hong Kong industries according to the survey, compared with 2016, more than 60% of the enterprises to improve the r&d expenditure, the average growth of 20%; Nearly 80% of respondents in another 3 years to increase r&d expenditure, the average increase of 18%; About 90% of respondents believe that there is a need to introduce iot and automation technology. Hong Kong innovation and technology bureau reply reporter query refers to news agency, the SAR government has been actively from infrastructure, financial support, technical support and personnel four aspects to provide comprehensive support, efforts to promote the 'industrialization'. Such as development data center and advanced manufacturing center, set up intelligence industry corridor, 'science and technology professionals cultivation plan' and so on a number of specific measures. Innovation and technology bureau also mentioned that the administration report released on the 10th of this month two new measures are put forward, namely the establishment of hk $2 billion, 'industrial scheme' and provide hk $2 billion to the Hong Kong science park company, in the village construction of special production equipment for the manufacturing industry, to speed up the 'industrialization' development. The yong-an Chen must be effective support of the SAR government, also said that environmental mills may face in the future or 'local', such as expanded scale of production, need larger recycling area, at the appointed time may also need to communicate with the SAR government further. ( the
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