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Method new wu: the future possible Chinese textile garment industry niche - 'unicorn' Textile information - Textile net - Textile heald

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
Cotton textile industry has a long history, the modern industrial revolution also appeared in the cotton textile industry in the first place. China's textile industry in the world become a 'world factory', formed 'siad,' the big world. Futures in Shanghai a few days ago, mainland sponsored '2019 cotton spinning industry seminar' on, several experts around the cotton spinning industry development trends, as well as influencing the term arbitrage strategy, import and export topic has carried on the deep discussion. Shanghai yarn treasure technology co. , LTD. , chief strategy officer wu method, said the new cotton textile industry recovery situation, general sentiment improves, appeared a rise in demand for high quality cotton, cotton consumption order agriculture to air spinning cotton cultivation requirements materials ( Double 28, 4 / level 5 cotton market expand) New features. Method new estimated wu, New Year 2018/2019, cotton textile industry downstream order or a consumer recovery, yarn orders full, poor conduction of the grey, instead of new trends of fiber. He suggests that cotton/cotton yarn supply chain to get rid of the label of 'usury' financial innovation, improve the efficiency of specialization operation. Sino-us trade friction effect on cotton textile industry, new think wu method, friction effect on domestic cotton textile industry co. , LTD. , xinjiang will become the world '' two yarn and cloth production and research and development center. But, under the background of 'the old and the new kinetic energy conversion', wu method, new thought, China's textile and clothing industry, is at the beginning of a new bull market cycle. Future textile and garment industry in China in the field of certain niche products, is likely to see 'unicorn enterprise'.
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