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Mechanical production in xinjiang cotton prices fell below 15000 yuan/ton market bearish atmosphere - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-07-12
Cotton, the wind still blowing, can be seen from recent XinJiangMian quotation, both hands picking cotton and machine pick cotton prices, the decline trend have been challenged the heart bottom line of people, such as the current machine pick cotton prices have dropped below 15000 yuan/ton. Now market ginned cotton prices fell sharply, especially the low level of machine pick cotton prices have dropped below 15000 yuan/ton. Now hand picking cotton price is less than 16000 yuan/ton, indicators of good machine picking cotton in the 15500 - quotation More than 15700 yuan/ton, of course, are quotation and further bargaining space. Xinjiang cotton professionals understand, according to the current processing feedback, northern xinjiang cotton common horse high value, high impurity, the manas, hutubi wall, high impurity, changji area west of wusu particularly high horse value, overall indicators are not ideal. In 2017, the early stage of the southern xinjiang acquisition cost is high, the price performance strong, but the breaking strength is generally low, water miscellaneous general, because the price is higher, the sales situation is not ideal, and cotton mills to sell out and interacting with each other. In sales without improvement, the quantity of xinjiang cotton in xinjiang in 2017 than the same period last year dropped sharply. Last December, a mainland Chinese buyers follow procurement sources, directly from the 2017 textile factory orders are very few, intermediaries and only in some special low price to purchase, and is basically as you buy, sell, don't hoard goods. Current cotton enterprises realize that now is a buyer's market, bearish market late, but still to high-grade cotton have a trace of fantasy. For the quality of cotton generally don't have expectations, clinch a deal just think the price is right, just drained as soon as possible.
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