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by:Chengyi     2020-06-29
— — Cotton textile enterprise survey ( In July, 2019) Respondents: xinjiang, shandong, hebei, henan, jiangsu, zhejiang, hubei, anhui, jiangxi, shanxi, shaanxi, hunan province, the autonomous region of cotton textile enterprise textile market in July is not significantly warmer, as a whole is still relatively flat. Enterprise capital pressure, follow-up orders and not abundant, starts in a low level. According to China cotton early warning information system for the 90 - odd designated textile enterprise, according to a survey of textile enterprises inventory increased slightly, textile production rose slightly increase, decrease in inventory yarn and cloth. A, textile production rose slightly increases the textile production in July increased slightly compared with last month. According to the survey, the yarn production rose by 2 July. 1%, year-on-year decline in 4. 9%, with pure cotton yarn accounted for more than 70. 1%, 0 increase from last month. 4%; Blended yarn and synthetic fiber yarn of 29. 9%, reducing 0 from the previous month. 4%. Cloth production rose by 1. 9%, year-on-year decline in 4. Accounted for 5%, with pure cotton, from the previous month rose 0. 7%. Yarn sales, 71. 1%, 0 increase from last month. 3%. The current yarn textile enterprises inventory of 29. 1 drop in 12 days, from the previous month. 15 days. Fabric inventory 31. 53 days, fell 2 month. 83 days. Second, the inside and outside the yarn prices fell this month inside and outside the cotton yarn prices continue to fall. According to the survey, the domestic 32 pure cotton yarn in July average price 21736 yuan/ton, down 171 yuan/ton, compared with last month's fall in 0. 78%, compared with the same period last year fell 2098 yuan/ton, down eight. 8%; Imported 32 pure cotton yarn month average price 21666 yuan/ton, from the previous month fell 370 yuan/ton, or 1. 68%, compared with the same period last year fell 2528 yuan/ton, or 10. 4%. Spinning enterprise fund pressure, still give priority to with outbound, offer continue to cut, but at ease. Three, enterprise raw material inventory to rise this month zheng cotton futures continued to fall, the lower part of the textile enterprises inventory, inventory, raw materials inventory increased slightly. As of July 31 in the cotton textile enterprises inventory of 70. Increases by + 1 550000 tons, is the end of last month. 750000 tons, fell 8. 990000 tons. 34% 24% cotton enterprises to reduce inventory, increase inventory, 42% basic remain unchanged. Structure is relatively stable cotton textile enterprise: 1. 83 textile enterprises use XinJiangMian total cotton consumption. 4%, 0 increase from last month. 7%, year-on-year increase in 5. 84%, among which the reserves XinJiangMian accounted for 21. 35%, XinJiangMian accounted for more than 78 this year. 65%. 2. ChanMian textile enterprises to use the proportion of 10. 1% last month, reduce the 0. 4%. The reserves ChanMian accounted for more than 28. 49%, ChanMian accounted for more than 71 this year. 51%. 3. Using the proportion of imports of cotton textile enterprises 6. 5%, fell 4% last month, fell 2. 11%.
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