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Many cotton textile skills talents won the annual honor award - the national textile industry Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated services

by:Chengyi     2020-07-12
On December 18, 2017 year China textile industry association of science and technology education awarding meeting small auditorium held ceremoniously in Beijing's great hall of the people. Party secretary of China textile industry association and secretary-general, light textile, chairman of the education of science and technology foundation Gao Yong, China textile industry association will ChangSunRuiZhe, current and former part ZhongFang cib leaders, as well as from all professional association, China textile industry association functions and award-winning representatives attended the conference. China textile industry association, vice President of Li Lingshen made at the meeting the vigorously implement the strategy of innovation driven development, promoting the construction of the new era of textile science and technology power, 'the theme of the speech. Li Lingshen on textile skills talents to reward work, around skills talents construction of textile industry in 2017, the China textile industry association to carry out the 'light of textile' 2017 national textile industry technical experts, national textile industry skills talents cultivating outstanding contribution unit and individual activities. The human resources director of China federation of textile industry, textile industry, textile, director of the center for vocational skills appraisal guidance the light of science and technology education foundation supervisors Sun Xiaoyin read out 'about recognition of' light 'of textile 2017 winner of national textile industry technical experts and the national textile industry skills training units outstanding contribution award winning personal decision. Declare through enterprise selection and professional association recommended, recommended by the China cotton Textile industry association BuDong equal five comrades won the title of 'national Textile industry technical experts', Texas hengfeng group was awarded the 'national Textile industry skills talents cultivating outstanding contribution award' unit, Shijiazhuang Changshan Textile Company Limited Xu Yuehong comrade won the 'national Textile industry skills talents cultivating outstanding contribution award'. To award the units and individuals at the meeting were awarded honorary certificates, MEDALS, and bonuses. After the meeting, zhu north China cotton textile industry association, chairman of the association leadership field visiting skills talents from the textile industry enterprises, congratulations on their winning and took a group photo.
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