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Manas xiu hui in xinjiang textile produces 300000 ingot issue of ingot project commenced - 200000 Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated

by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
The heart net news ( The correspondent Li Fuxiang) On April 8th, held a show in xinjiang manas hui textile annual output of 300000 pounds first phase 200000 pounds opening ceremony of the project. State party committee standing committee and secretary of discipline inspection commission Shi Yanling and other leaders attended the opening ceremony, marks the project officially started. Xinjiang hui textile show the project total investment 1 billion yuan, the scale of production 300000 ingot blended project. 2016, plans to invest 600 million yuan to complete a 200000 ingot textile production line and related auxiliary facilities construction. Manas county, the project is the 2015 raf textile manufacturing 200000 ingot air spinning project, the manas county shunda long feng textile spindle ring spun the project 300000, xinjiang xin hong run textile 300000 ingot blended project after three projects, settled in manas county industrial park, textile industrial park of the fourth project. The textile settled in construction of the project, marked the manas county industrial park of textile industrial park has a prototype, also marks the implements and realizes the xinjiang manas textile industry to promote employment policy paid off.
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