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Long-term outlook: ring spinning mill USTER ® SENTINEL yarn online monitoring system is the key to optimize the yarn production -

by:Chengyi     2020-06-26
Ring spinning machine is more and more long. Market trend obvious, ring spinning frame is more and more long, up to 2000 spindles is about 70 meters long. Although people visual longest distance of 5000 meters, but still can't see the whole beheaded on ring spinning frame. Only the automation system can monitor whether spindles are normal operation. People of normal walking distance is about 4000 meters per hour, the operator usually takes about a minute to go to the ring spinning frame finally at the broken ends of a spindle. Of course, assumes that the operator know the exact location of the broken ends, then the spindle can be in 2 minutes to start running again. Ring spinning if optimization due to beheaded and spindle stop running, even if is the use of the high-speed ring spinning frame cannot play its massive capacity value. USTER® SENTINEL yarn online monitoring system can solve this problem: cop build report is the key to optimize the yarn production. The broken ends of the system is excellent detection function provides a basic platform. USTER® SENTINEL yarn online monitoring system will issue a simple clear red light instructions, to guide operators directly find the broken ends of spindle. End-breakage level is a key indicator to measure the performance of ring spinning, so USTER® SENTINEL yarn online monitoring system of cop forming intuitive report contains affect the beheading of each parameter. Clear visual effect directly reveal the exact cause of the broken ends, making optimization becomes convenient and feasible. Environmental conditions, the service life of mechanical components and the improvement of the machine speed will make the spinning mill profits. A real-time performance information, USTER® SENTINEL yarn online monitoring system can provide the mill with the related data, so as to improve the efficiency of its yarn production. Built-in software easy to operate, can according to demand to quickly provide an overview of the machine performance, the highlight is closely related to the production and laboratory data. One of its marked characteristics is to display real-time energy consumption. As long as have the real-time data, spinning mill can take the opportunity to real-time optimization. The real difference will the beheading comprehensive control function and USTER® ROVING STOP combination, can improve production efficiency. Under the condition of found beheaded, timely stop roving feeding, can significantly reduce waste, improve efficiency in the use of raw material cost. Calculation shows that under the condition of current yarn, yarn bellows back cost decreased by 70%, equivalent to save as much as 1% of the raw materials. Obviously, this can shorten the investment recovery period. Reduce waste and uncontrolled floating fiber content can prevent adjacent spindle and the whole machine appeared quality problem. Operating conditions improve, reduce maintenance time, so as to improve yield and reduce the quality problem. Poor performance of the spindle can be reliably identified, free falling behind of spindle, spindle and poor quality of the spindle and slide spindle spinning the other problems are also often in monitoring range, convenient to respond quickly. To maximize the production efficiency of vision scope and walking speed and USTER® SENTINEL yarn online monitoring system has nothing to do, even if there is a lot of ring spinning machine spindle. Down time to a minimum degree & ndash; — The incomparable characteristics also benefited from uz, ring spinning unique design optimization system. USTER® SENTINEL yarn online monitoring system of orderly streamlined design, can optimize the machine performance. Its compact structure, sensor without close close to the ring, thus convenient connection, also can save time and speed up the response. Will USTER® SENTINEL yarn on-line monitoring system and USTER® TESTER connection fully test center, 6 evenness TESTER can fully optimized quality. All spinning process data integration and interpretation, to provide users with the comprehensive guide to maximize the efficiency and quality.
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