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by:Chengyi     2020-07-04
'Here is the most advanced in the world today 'high compact spinning combed yarn spinning technology, product added value of nearly 3000 yuan higher than ordinary cotton yarn per ton. 'Recently, the reporter followed linqing city huaxing textile co. , LTD. , chairman of Tang Xuepo into the enterprises of the textile workshop, Germany, junan, automatic spinning frame long cars, clean and orderly, not the past textile enterprises that cloud of dust and smell, a textile worker here can take care of a few production lines. Cotton textile industry is a traditional industry in linqing, the end of last century small cotton processing enterprises in linqing city and countryside. In recent years, in the context of industrial transformation and upgrading, the city of cotton textile industry after the reshuffle, some low-end, extensive, loose enterprises gradually into decline, and some companies have glow in her eyes. 'Traditional industry is not the same as the sunset industry, the key is the product innovation, is to meet the market demand. Textile industry guo-tian Yang, director of the office to introduce 'linqing city, the city of cotton textile industry has been formed set of cotton processing, spinning, weaving, dyeing, clothing for the integration of industry chain, trips out of a high-quality, high efficient development path. To promote the development of textile industry, linqing successively research issued 'on the implementation of' 53266 'project opinions on accelerating the development of industrial economy,' the opinions on further promoting economic development 'and' linqing city textile industry development planning implementation opinion 'and a series of supporting policies, from project examination and approval, the law enforcement inspection, land security, talent construction to give key support to the textile industry. Strengthen the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, public service platform and liaocheng linqing textile vocational technology college cooperation, the development of cotton textile enterprise with optimization technique platform 'and' textile enterprises temperature and humidity automatic monitoring and control system 'such as automation system, after the completion of debugging will be comprehensive promotion in textile enterprises in the city; To encourage enterprise technology innovation, the key enterprise of scientific research into account for the proportion of output value of more than 2%, is now breeding provincial enterprise technology center, 1 2 liaocheng municipal enterprise technology center, the city's textile and garment enterprises have to foster registered 'three and', 'in aino', 'velvet Lin Meixue' label such as more than 30; Guide the sanhe textiles, huaxing textile enterprises to carry out the second startup, from two aspects of 'quality' and 'quantity' comprehensive industry level of ascension. 'To the production and processing as the starting point, terminal product development as the main line to plan the whole industrial chain and product line, upgrade the industry, enlarge industry effect, high-level continued to evolve, the formation of sequence, the grade, diversified series of cotton textile products and other products series, create linqing origin brand. Strive for to 2020, the main business income is 100 billion yuan, profit tax of 8 billion yuan, 'linqing city bureau of the letter Song Ziliang expounds the development direction of textile industry' much starker choices-and graver consequences-in '.
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