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Light rain in Hebei cotton area is beneficial to the growth of cotton seedlings

by:Chengyi     2021-03-15
Most cotton farmers in Hebei started planting cotton from the end of April. Due to weather factors, the cotton seedling rate this year has declined compared with the same period in previous years. At present, the cotton seedlings have entered the growth period, and the drought has been alleviated with light rain everywhere.  According to local cotton farmers, due to the large temperature changes during cotton emergence, the emergence rate of cotton seedlings is over 85%, which is a decrease from last year. On May 21, there was a general light rain in Hebei Province, which eased the drought in cotton fields and increased soil moisture. Appropriate rainfall during the seedling stage is conducive to the development and growth of cotton seedlings.   According to the forecast of the local meteorological department, the weather will turn fine after the rain, and the temperature will gradually rise to about 31 degrees Celsius. Cotton farmers said that after the weather turns fine, they will carry out cultivating and loosening the soil in time to keep the soil loose, promote rapid root growth, deep penetration and wide distribution, and become a developed root system, which will enhance the ability to absorb water, nutrients and resist external adverse conditions. Strong seedlings develop early. In addition, cotton farmers said that the prevention and control of pests and diseases in the seedling stage should be started early, and pesticides should be sprayed early. Article Keywords:  Hebei Cotton
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