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Lift gear upgrades! The green revolution - zhuji nguyen town that promote textile industry Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-21
Jianke textile co. , LTD. , zhejiang, weavers Wang Ying is busy to workshop in an old 211 yarn winder disassembly. As a company is one of the first batch of textile workers, in 2007 she was from their hometown anhui come to zhuji. 'I just dropped the cotton yarn to close, this is my last class, old machines are replaced by new import machine. 'Wang Ying tells a reporter, some heart, though, even better, but the factory for high-end machines, and that kind of happy. Jianke textile is nguyen town engaged in the needle textiles and raw materials production enterprises, this year full gear upgrades, investment of 30 million yuan from Italy the introduction of 15 new intelligent automatic winder, replace the original 45 sets of old equipment. At present, nine production lines have been put into production. 'This is the traditional textile industry to the intelligent cross at a time. 'Company is responsible for the production technology of advanced engineering master said to the paragraph, intelligent automatic winding machine production efficiency is twice that of the old machine and less than half the energy consumption, product quality improved big, do it without defects. Smart, intelligent electronic clearer elastic knot circulation system, intelligent spindles rapid distribution system and advanced technology, such as rotary separation system, not only change the labor-intensive textile industry status quo, at the same time, it is energy saving and recycling qualities, in terms of noise reduction, water saving, reducing electromagnetic emissions. According to introducing, article 15 after all intelligent automatic production line put into production, enterprise labor costs alone can save 15. 6 million yuan each year. Production factory director Song Junxia tells a reporter, through technical modification, not only can reduce the production cost, improve efficiency, but also further enhance the competitiveness of the products in the international market, really realize the intelligent and efficient development. In ruan, needle textile park, xin factory construction project is rushing to construction recently, will also adopt the international advanced intelligent automatic equipment, take the path of green and efficient development. The project covers an area of 100 mu, with a total investment of 5. 500 million yuan, the office building and workshop has been basically completed, is expected to put into production at the end of the year. Enterprise hong-xing zheng, director of introduction, will greatly reduce the enterprise cost after the production. Efficient development of industry, cannot leave the transformation of one enterprise. As one of the three traditional advantage industry, local nguyen textile city has been smaller, manufacture equipment backwardness, low product added value, seriously restrict the further development of the industry, it is imperative to go the way of ecological, environmental protection and sustainable development. Nguyen town is the kernel with 'green' science and technology intelligence, using intelligent industry to upgrade, to promote the local textile industry of the green revolution, old and new kinetic energy converted to realize high quality development. Nguyen town deputy mayor He Zhuo says the next will actively carry out the transformation and upgrading of traditional textile industry, guide the green production enterprises, encourage enterprises within their respective jurisdictions to intelligent innovation transformation, further lift gear upgrades, to the traditional industry into the green, efficient and intelligent new kinetic energy.
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