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Life is like the hands of the yarn colour - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-25
'Cool in the past two days, the factory give us prepare hot water and delicious food, feel as warm as in their own homes. 'On December 14, huaibei city, anhui province waffer fashion co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'waffer company') 22, spinning, workers AYiGuLi SaWu, said. AYiGuLi from pishan wooden town rich, spit sigman village. In May 2017 she and her sister went to waffer company working together. In April 2017 to help ShouYuanDe win out of poverty as scheduled to be completed, the anhui province xinjiang headquarters launched 'one thousand in hotan area in anhui rural plan'. When more than 4000 Uighur youths from pishan poor families came to 15 enterprise workers in anhui province. AYiGuLi smart studious, she regulation efficiency value of assembly line in the workshop, now AYiGuLi income reached 5500 yuan per month. 'When I saw a ingot ingot in the workshop of yarn production is successful, the in the mind is full of a sense of achievement. Now my life is just like in the hands of the yarn profusion is colorful. 'AYiGuLi said. Now is AYiGuLi most looking forward to the weekend and his colleagues go out shopping. Didn't want to buy fashion clothes and cosmetics, also willing to buy now. 'Workers in waffer company more than 1 year time, family and colleagues said I changed a lot. I feel myself a life completely changed. 'AYiGuLi said,' I don't like to eat vegetables before, now I like to eat vegetables and fruit; I never go out alone at home, for a thing, now I can acquire at work; I'm a little timid before, now I feel strong. After graduating from high school, AYiGuLi farming at home. Village cadres to mobilize AYiGuLi migrant workers, she is looking for a worker to tianjin's sister in the village about. When the mainland to see the working and living conditions and TV play as good, AYiGuLi and some can't believe it. Finally village cadres AYiGuLi and family persuasion, she set foot on the train for anhui province. 'When I first entered the waffer company, think like a park here, everywhere is green trees and red flowers, there are many I have never seen of plants. The first time I live in capacious and bright buildings, using the independent toilet, wash bath. 'AYiGuLi said,' our team leader give us a pilaf, told us the work discipline, I gradually adapted to the new life. '' into the factory in the same girl, AYiGuLi changes obviously, and the ability is very strong. AYiGuLi chun-ling Yin said the master, '' AYiGuLi is a cheerful, loving smile girl, work started quickly. She was national common language is not fluent, and I will draw the taught her. 'After 3 months, AYiGuLi improve the level of national common language, become after the formal contract, her monthly salary 3000 yuan. 'See teacher so patient and detailed, especially the eyes she encouraged, I have a big courage also slowly, very eager to progress, to get the job done. 'Said AYiGuLi,' farming at home before a year's income is yuan. Now when sending salary every month, I tell myself that the job is too good, I must cherish. 'Now AYiGuLi become more generous confidence. 'I like here, like me this uniform, like to work for my confidence. In the tension busy outside of work, I will sign up for the company to visit the learning activities of the organization. 'Said AYiGuLi, dig out a piece of open a new era of party school in huaibei city century square photographs showed reporters before assembly. 'I worked hard last year one of the most important reason is that hope to renew the contract, and may I succeeded to renew our contract this year. 'AYiGuLi said,' now is like another one of my hometown in anhui, this year the Mid-Autumn festival, when I call mom and dad could not help but shed tears, but that is the happy tears. 'Now AYiGuLi and sister home to save more than 10 ten thousand yuan altogether. AYiGuLi to own a clear aim in life, began to plan their own future. 'This year, my goal is to improve the level of skill operation, to take a higher merit pay. Hope that the future can be as good as the master chun-ling Yin employees. 'AYiGuLi said.
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