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Liaocheng: weak cotton yarn market enterprise management - carefully Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-02
This week, 9-12 month 13) Long-short, cotton city periphery factors interweave, cotton prices stable. Liaocheng in shandong gaotang region downstream of the yarn market weak stability is given priority to, manufacturer with the purchase, cotton ginning mill operation caution, strives for the survival in the market niche. It is understood that the shandong liaocheng region seed cotton picking has ended, seed cotton quality, different level cotton ginning mill price 3. 10 yuan/kg, Lint, moisture below 15% 40%) , level 3 cotton ex-factory price 12600 yuan/ton ( Gross weight, to bring my ticket) , unchanged from last week. Local xinjiang cotton seed oil cotton factory bid prices, local wool cotton seed prices rose to 1. 205 yuan/jin, a rise of 0 in the last week. 025 yuan/jin, the local cotton city a little boost. Local cotton ginning mill because of the coldness of the weather, the volume of different level to drop, high volume 30000 jins parts manufacturer. Lint for order processing, shipment and increases with the increasing processing, less inventory, processing profits are still not ideal, strives for the survival in the margins of society. Local weak yarn market stability, the comb ring spun 32, 40, price 20800 yuan/ton, 21800 yuan/ton, air spinning 21, 24, price 17000 yuan/ton, 16100 yuan/ton. Yarn market shock adjustment, zheng CY2005 main contract highs to 21290 yuan/ton, rebound is not enough, difficult to support the spot market, combined with the downstream demand, general mills inventory backlog, slightly to avoid the bigger risk, mills for cotton procurement is still relatively cautious, according to the order to reduce the lint inventory as far as possible, the cotton market development. Shock adjustment, zheng cotton main CF2005 contract highs to 13335 yuan/ton, down low to 13140 yuan/ton, the fluctuation is not big, to spot their support is limited.
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