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Levying the tax rate up to 15%! Indonesia - the result of the China anti-dumping investigation of polyester yarn Textile information - Textile net - textile

by:Chengyi     2020-06-30
August 6, Indonesia's Ministry of Finance issued announcement no. 115/2019, paper from China's polyester yarn products anti-dumping duties. Tax law takes effect since August 20, tax deadline for three years, final confirmation in China with the highest corporate tax rate of 15%. Enterprises concentrated in jiangsu and zhejiang fujian involved this case final confirm China corporate tax rates for specific: this case in October 27, 2017, formally put on record, investigation period for between January 2016 and December 2016, the product customs code is 54024700. According to customs statistics, the total amount of the export product to Indonesia during the investigation period of about $16. 51 million, in the case of enterprise concentrated in zhejiang, jiangsu and fujian. Indonesia's anti-dumping committee ( KADI) Chairman Bachrul Chairi said yesterday, will be for synthetic filament yarn (from China 旋转拉伸丝/ SDY) Impose anti-dumping import duties. Some evidence suggests that China's exporters company surge in exports to Indonesia synthetic filament yarn. This levy 115th finance minister in 2019 specified in the regulations, and shall come into force on August 20, to the next three years. Polymer fiber except with synthetic filament yarn, the Indonesian government and of polyester short fiber ( PSF) Product or cut into a certain length of polymer fiber anti-dumping tariffs, and included in the tariff project 5503. 20. 00. Indonesia for polyester staple fiber from Taiwan, India and China imposed additional import duties, and shall come into force from August 19 to the next three years. The policy in 2019, no. 114 finance minister regulation, this is no. 73, 2016 finance minister extension of regulations. Bachrul says the Indonesian government study found that some countries or areas used by the manufacturer of the technology and products with the country's huge difference, but the price is far lower than the domestic. This situation led to the domestic sales of industrial products is lower than the cost of production, so that do harm to a domestic industry. China become the world's anti-dumping target countries since its inception in the WTO, China has more than 20 years continuously become suffers the most anti-dumping charges. According to data, 1995 - In 2016, China suffered from anti-dumping cases accounts for nearly a quarter of global cases, a total of 1217 cases. The anti-dumping are enforced is greater than the world level, China suffered most anti-dumping investigation to China five countries and regions is India, the United States, the European Union, Argentina and Brazil. Figures show that China's exports of 18 kind of export products, in addition to animal and plant oil, other 17 products all have suffered anti-dumping, among them, such as steel, aluminum base metal products, chemical products and mechanical and electronic products are the most common three kinds of products by foreign anti-dumping. In addition, the application of anti-dumping measures period normally is five years, in the five years prior to the maturity of the anti-dumping review, if necessary, will continue to extend the implementation of the second anti-dumping measures for five years. Ten years, the influence of the development of the industry is huge, the amounts involved billions more. Why China become the world's anti-dumping target? There are several main reasons for the first, China's export trade has expanded rapidly, the trade surplus is also increasing. India is a primary source of China suffered from anti-dumping, China's export growth in 22 years for India 76. 4 times, surplus would be expanded rapidly, surplus reached 466 in 2016. 5. 1 billion dollars. Second, at present, the United States, the European Union, India and Mexico more than 70 countries and regions such as have not recognize China's market economy status. In general, these countries on anti-dumping, non-market economies do not recognize the country's domestic market price, and looking for a country to price comparison, makes the foreign anti-dumping to China higher success rate. Third, China's export products are mainly labor-intensive products and low added value, the product has a low cost advantage, easy to form the dumping. And China attaches great importance to the price competition only in the past, is not positive to anti-dumping investigations, most export enterprises to play a gun in the way of a place, that is to say, the United States on China's anti-dumping, turned to Europe or anywhere else, but now this condition no longer exists. Fourth, China's enterprises originally did not attach enough importance to anti-dumping, the lack of the understanding of the anti-dumping policy and practice of other countries, China in 1997 to launch anti-dumping against each other, the lack of deterrence against other countries for anti-dumping to China. Experts pointed out that in the next China anti-dumping and countervailing investigation is more serious. Therefore, in view of China launched anti-dumping abroad, our country need to actively respond to. First of all, to adjust the traditional export trade pattern. Goals and ideals, export product structure, competitive strategy, and to adjust export trade way. Second, to attach importance to and actively deal with India and other developing countries anti-dumping to China. Should strengthen the antidumping regulations and anti-dumping practice, or by concluded free trade agreements or build a free trade area, and set up the anti-dumping early warning mechanism for the countries. At the same time, efforts to reduce the success rate of the world anti-dumping to China, any loss reduce anti-dumping. China's enterprises should vigorously launched anti-dumping abroad, strive for the countries recognize China's full market economy status at an early date, but can be by resorting to the WTO dispute settlement body, strive for a fair judgment. At the same time, moderate to strengthen China's foreign anti-dumping. Perfect domestic anti-dumping law system as soon as possible, for the main antidumping charter moderate strengthening, improve the foreign anti-dumping deterrent.
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