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Legend ecliptic husband's mother - biography of the ecliptic husband's mother textile technology Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-19
At the end of the ecliptic husband's mother was born in the southern song dynasty songjiang government a very poor family. Shuddering at that time, the jiangnan people not only by the landlord exploitation, moment also suffered the threat of Mongol army, combined with years of natural disasters, formerly prosperous jiangnan region, there were & other; ShiShiJiuKong & throughout; The tragic scene. Ecliptic husband's mother since childhood bereavement, oneself to find life profession in the world. Ecliptic husband's mother the ecliptic husband's mother was born, the story of cotton cultivation techniques have been spread from fujian, guangzhou to her hometown. Chronicle of the ecliptic husband's mother, cotton planting has been popularized in the jiangnan region. The ecliptic husband's mother to feed themselves, also began to study cotton textile technology. Ecliptic husband's mother did not went well at first, play batting often play is not good, volume sliver is uneven, spin is spinning thickness is differ. Keep practicing, be good at thinking of her as she thought, so she quickly into the door, and soon mastered all the operation process. Although the ecliptic husband's mother learned a craft can survive, but at that time, the adult workers are not able to eat satisfied wear warm, let alone the ecliptic husband's mother like a 12 year old girl. Life force, the field of ecliptic husband's mother had to go with somebody else to do child bride. After she became a child bride, is more hard than before. Didn't light is about to get up every day, all ready for the whole family. During the day, she is going to put horse cattle, do a lot of farm work; In the evening, she had to spinning weaving into the night. Although the ecliptic husband's mother hard-working and able to endure hardship, but she also suffers from her husband and in-laws cruelties. She often beaten and scolded, sometimes also can't eat, can't sleep. The ecliptic husband's mother in this inhuman torture, thoughts of the flight. Once, the ecliptic husband's mother work for a day, didn't go home after the sun set. Because it is too hard, returned home after the ecliptic husband's mother lying in bed asleep. Ecliptic husband's mother in-laws to see, don't ask why is hammering away at it, so the ecliptic husband's mother struggled to get up, want to explain to himself, but she just a mouth, in-laws, immediately dragged her out of bed beaten. Her husband didn't stop and beatings to her. After finished, they lock the ecliptic husband's mother went into the wood room, don't let her eat sleep. In the middle of the night, unable to bear the ecliptic husband's mother after the in-laws and husband fell asleep, cut a hole through the roof, flee the scene. After home, she had nowhere to go, have to wandering at the edge of the huangpu river, a berth in the river of sea-going ships owner saw the ecliptic husband's mother is very poor, let her get on the boat. When the old owners to the ecliptic husband's mother crying after suffered pain, more sympathy for her, let her gone south. So the ecliptic husband's mother said goodbye to the place of birth, came to hainan island. Thanked the IP, ecliptic husband's mother settle down in the hainan island. But she is a young women who have never been out of town, now within, the in the mind very anxious. Honest enthusiasm li compatriots very fortunately, ecliptic husband's mother. They accepted her, let her have a shelter. At that time li cotton textile technology is more advanced, li compatriots in labor, imparting their textile technology without reservation to the ecliptic husband's mother. The ecliptic husband's mother diligent modestly, quickly learned the li of textile technology, has become a excellent textile experts. And she also fusion of li and han Chinese textile technology strengths, weave in the local popular cloth. Ecliptic husband's mother living in li region for nearly thirty years, but she always miss her home and often experienced a difficult to suppress homesickness. At that time, the southern song dynasty has been destroyed, Mongolia has established the yuan dynasty. Heard that home settle down, the ecliptic husband's mother decided to say goodbye to the hainan island to return home. A lot of people at that time, the Yangtze river cotton, but cotton textile technology is still very backward. So the ecliptic husband's mother came back home immediately to advanced textile technology popularization. She is hard-working, travel, enthusiastic to the villagers to teach li textile technology. Ecliptic husband's mother not only put himself in the hainan island to learn technology all taught everyone, also the hometown backward cotton textile machine. Her according to his decades of experience in textile, li's advanced experience and combining production practice at home and created a new type of spinning, spinning efficiency can be improved three times, and the operation more effort. Although the ecliptic husband's mother passed away at home after a few years, but her hard work not only promoted the local cotton textile industry is developing rapidly, more labor won the local people's love and a permanent memorial.
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