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Late delivery of yarn: cotton traders worries - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
According to the jiangsu and zhejiang, shandong and other places reflect cotton traders, although since late January ICE cotton futures has broken 70 cents/pound, 67 cents/pound, but nearly half a month in countries such as India, Pakistan, Vietnam mills cotton FOB and CNF offer but remain high or not, the seller's willingness to cut orders is not strong. Vietnam, said of a large cotton mills have resume work production before the end of January, C21S - C40S yarn is given priority to, but given the Chinese weaving mill and traders are postponed to return to work after February 9, cotton yarn cost remains high and the reason such as the exchange rate, so no matter before mid-february bonded, sight or ship futures are not foreign bid. Several mills in India, Pakistan and export enterprises, also said Chinese buyers inquiry since the middle of January, order almost no growth, demand is weak, but the domestic cotton prices, artificial, tax and other costs and lead to cotton price cut space is very limited, only to remain. Some importers in shandong is introduced, due to the new type of pneumonia outbreak & other; Inflection point & throughout; Slow, thus not only foreign mills delivery, and some domestic buyers also require the supplier to extend the contract execution, delayed 15 20 days of shipment. Recently, the domestic some cotton traders worries: one is as CF2005 disk contract prices have dropped below 14000 yuan/ton, 13500 yuan/ton, 13000 yuan/ton, domestic cotton prices plunge inevitably, whether inventory yarn or November/December contract purchase cotton yarn are facing larger risk of losses; Second, the downstream weaving mill, middlemen when to return to work, when to open the yarn procurement is still hard to predict; 3 it is affected by the epidemic short-term impact, the dollar continued to be higher, on February 5th, offshore and onshore renminbi depreciation lost both 7 mark, yarn imports cost growth.
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