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Lanxi national quality supervision and inspection center of cotton textiles passed the provincial expert argumentation - planning scheme Textile information - Textile net - spinning

by:Chengyi     2020-07-05
Morning of November 17, held in lanxi province pledges inspect bureau national quality supervision and inspection center of cotton textiles preparation discussion meeting, the name and the corresponding cotton textile inspection scope, equipment configuration, team construction, the construction of laboratory planning scheme, the scientific research plan has carried on the earnest review and argumentation. Province pledges inspect bureau and technology Shang Jie chaired the meeting, the director of jinhua city pledges inspect bureau Molly zhang, the chief engineer Chen Xingbin, vice mayor of lanxi Hou Yin peak to attend the meeting, jinhua lanxi city pledges inspect bureau, provincial bureau plan division evaluation, cotton textile testing center director to attend the meeting. Panel line listened to lanxi cotton textiles are province quality test center set up national cotton textiles scheme of the quality supervision and inspection center, reviewed the related materials, carry out the inquiry, communication and on-site visits to the cotton textile quality inspection center of zhejiang province. Through expert group consultation, argument, experts think: the preparation of unit area of cotton textile industry foundation is strong, the preparation work for the local all levels of government attaches great importance to and vigorously support, the basic feasible solution, specific goals. Consistent through the national quality supervision and inspection center of cotton textiles planning scheme. Next, cotton textiles, zhejiang province quality inspection center will be according to expert opinions, Suggestions for leak fill a vacancy, we will further improve the construction plan, strive for an early approved planning.
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