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Lanxi bank boost domestic eight home textile enterprises on top - across the country Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-06-28
Recently, the China cotton textile industry association released '2018 China cotton textile industry main business income is the top', lanxi eight enterprises, it is worth mentioning that the eight companies all acquired bank financial support. For a long time, lanxi developing xing city '' strong workers did not waver, vigorously implement the industrial revitalization of the' top ten 'action, to undertake the attendant at the provincial level in the field of industrial, traditional industry transformation work get CheJun, secretary of provincial party committee comrade's instructions and sure. Lanxi bank as service the pioneer of micro and small private enterprises, in 588 more than 1. 5 billion yuan, is engaged in the textile business owners have loan instead of always, the advocacy, growing together, with the progress. Zhejiang wan boat holding group co. , LTD. , at the top of the top 35, introduction to the chairman Yao Ruipeng from small workshop, cultivates the textile industry has accumulated many experiences. Yao Ruipeng think lanxi textile culture deep in 2002, the geographical position is superior, the talented textile, very bullish on lanxi the prospects of the textile industry, the establishment of zhejiang wuzhou textile co. , LTD. For textile enterprises to in earlier stage and put into construction funds, not only late in the process of operating cash flow demand is big, lanxi bank began in 2003 with ran all the way, from wuzhou to cotton, from blue cotton to the boat, each time the transformation and upgrading of bank are companions, credit support from the initial development to 2 million yuan, 51 million yuan. '08 year financial crisis caused a great impact on the textile industry, unfortunately we are just production line research and development to upgrade period, capital turnover has met great difficulties, cash flow break even there is a risk of failure, other cases, the Banks can't get lanxi bank field enterprises, offering to 8 million credit solutions, it solved the urgent need of the enterprise. 'Executive vice President jian-zhong xu told me. Today, than the textile has been completed from the shuttle loom, rapier loom to the transformation and upgrading of air-jet loom, air jet loom 2300 units, more than 2000 employees. Through thousands of boats to jointly set up r&d center with donghua university, set up a doctor workstation, constantly increase investment in science and technology and technical innovation, achieved from the expansion of 'quantity' to 'qualitative change', before ten thousand spindles, spinning to use about one hundred people, now less than 20 people. Specializing in the production of cotton yarn, the development of all kinds of high, high-density fabric, high elastic cotton fabric, the annual production capacity of 200 million meters, became one of the largest cambrayon manufacturing enterprises in zhejiang province. Since this year, lanxi bank set up for your, through the enterprise policy, follow up, implementation, small micro enterprise loan of fine management innovation to launch 'small micro enterprise credit is borrowed' products such as 'small micro credit growth', as the status of the enterprise, the enterprise can choose according to oneself circumstance targeted loans varieties, the implementation and financing needs of precise matching. Introduced FTP pricing standard at the same time, through the consideration of factors such as credit risk and enterprise contribution, for more management norms, product market, the development potential of small and medium-sized enterprise solve the financing problem. The bank in 2017 to 80 million, the central bank, on the basis of further credits for poverty alleviation, for $100 million in 2018, the central bank refinancing for poverty alleviation, 2019 active benefits for the enterprise burden, lower mortgage rates, on 30 million yuan, is expected in the next two years the bank also plans to put 2 billion yuan credit funds to support small enterprises, and private economy TongPinGongZhen.
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