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Korla textile garment city will toward high-end spinning production base - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-03
New network in xinjiang urumqi nov 29 (Reuters) - Liu Qin) Was listed as one of the three largest textile and garment city in xinjiang korla textile garment city, since 2014, in a short span of two years, especially in 2015 showing a gratifying situation of rapid development and become a famous domestic textile enterprises investment hot, clearing installation character by Chinese industry in the high level of attention. To create one million jobs for xinjiang development of textile and garment industry has laid a solid foundation, korla textile garment city is toward high-end spinning production base. 29, the reporter learns from korla economic and technological development zone spinning line do, by the end of October 2015, korla economic and technological development zone has housed all kinds of textile and garment enterprises more than 18, signing project 9. 5 million ingot, successfully introduced Jin Sheng, jinfu, nylon, etc. In the domestic industry leading enterprises. Spinning projects under construction 4. 5 million pounds, with the production debugging, existing programs are at the end of this year is expected to form the operation scale of up to 2. 6 million pounds. In addition, 1 - korla textile and garment industry Achieve output 40 in October. 800 million yuan; Completed investment in fixed assets of 6. 2 billion yuan, annual task plans to invest 7. 8 billion yuan, is expected to account for the textile investment plan ( 27. 6 billion yuan) Of 28%. In addition, the division of digital printing to show projects have been started to install equipment, will be put into operation in 2016, when the domestic advanced digital printing base will be established. According to introducing, korla economic and technological development zone management committee to develop textile and garment industry to response to a national development strategy of the political level, according to the tri-cities xinjiang textile and apparel industry of overall planning, many measures simultaneously, first start, to korla textile garment city construction. In 2016, korla textile garment city will vigorously promote the development of textile industry chain downstream continuously extends, textile and garment industry plans to realize the output value of 7. 5 billion yuan, realize the spindle operation scale 5 million ingot, intelligent high-end spinning industry, to lead the global scale, and in the best possible policy environment, investment environment and efficient service to attract powerful knitting, printing and dyeing, textile, wool, carpets, the downstream industry, such as industrial textiles projects fall to the ground. In addition, the PPP korla economic and technological development zone, bond funds in a variety of ways, such as construction funds financing problems of textile enterprises, from raw material production bases to the transition of the textile and garment processing base, effective undertaking industrial transfer, extend the industrial chain, improve the value chain, promoting the construction of economic belt core 'silk road' in korla textile garment city to establish a full domestic high-quality textile and garment industry base.
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