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King of holding won the linen textile of China top ten influential brand - Textile information - Textile net - Textile integrated service provider

by:Chengyi     2020-07-06
As king of KINGDOM brand holding one of the major brands of flax yarn, was awarded the second China linen textile top ten influential brand. Company since its inception, always rely on independent innovation, adhere to science and technology to build brands, expand the market by quality, rely on credit to set up image, unceasing conformity resources, established the KINGDOM brand. KINGDOM is committed to creating a linen 'dreamworks', this is the origin of the brand, also is the goal of the brand. In today's rapid development of chemical fiber products, people are affected by the consciousness of back to save the company instead of natural fiber products. KINGDOM in a natural, green, sustainable development created the market for the brand positioning of the yarn. KONGDOM of flax yarn on the raw materials used, mainly imported from fine linen origin, such as France and Belgium. Apart from imported raw materials, the company also in xinjiang zhao Su Jianli cultivation, acquisition, processing, service integration of flax planting production base. Opened the raw material of multiple channels, to ensure the high quality source. Under the fierce market competition, the company at the same time of improving quality, strive to increase the richness and diversity of the product, improve brand effect, to meet different customer requirements, dominated the market place. In consolidating and expanding the domestic market at the same time, focus on strengthening the development of the international market, and actively expand overseas customers. Since 2013, gold of flax yarn exports each year at the top of the country.
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